There is a new Yelp Clone in town, make sure to have a look at Whoop! The best WordPress Directory Theme powered by GeoDirectory!

GeoTheme V3 most important new feature is represented by the ability to create a Global Directory.

In fact you can create as many Countries you want. For each Country you can create Regions or States. For each Region or State you can create Cities and for all cities you can even create neighbourhoods.

The optional auto-created Everywhere location gathers all listings in one Global Directory.

Once you have selected a City, search form will look only for listings and events within that city…

With the Global directory feature and GeoLocation capabilities, GeoTheme is probably the most complete Geo wordpress business directory (also known as yelp clone) available on the market!

241 thoughts on “Beyond a Yelp Clone. Create a Global Directory!

  1. I want to set up a directory of Theatres by City. Does the new version allow me to add Events (plays) that are on at each Theatre (place)? In other words I need to be able to link the Event to the Place. Possible?

  2. Dors this theme have to ability to import yellow page business information and if so what format and how does this work?


  3. Hi Since this is a global directory, how much traffic and # of businesses can this handle with a shared hosting?

  4. Hi – I would like to create a directory for just London in the UK

    Can I set the directory to show the map of London as defaualt? So when the user visits my site they will see the map of London….


  5. Hello guys,

    I have which is running on another geo theme..
    1) The thing about my website there is no option to search ‘all cities’ or the region ‘Cornwall’ with all towns in. Is this possible here?
    2) Can people pay to have their listing as featured at top of search results in this theme?
    3) Will there be a way of transferring the database from the current theme to this one if I purchase?


    • Hi Oliver,
      Yes, GeoTheme breaks country into regions, region into cities, city into city areas.
      People can pay for featured listing just like on GeoPlaces.
      The database is not compatible, but you should be able to import and convert your places.
      Prices, regional settings and so on will have to be manually set from scratches.

  6. Would like businesses to create and administer their own listing, while others provide reviews & ratings of that business. Can this be done?

  7. How does the pricing work?
    Will it still work after the 1st year and we just get no support or updates? Or does the whole theme stop working?


  8. This may be a slightly unusual request. Let’s say I wanted to list businesses who travelled around, rather than those working from one location. So they would have their main office address, but also a list of regions they could travel to.

    So say Business A was prepared to travel to Region X, Y and Z. Could a user do a search in Region Y and find Business A listed?

    Also, could they have additional options in their profile which would be searchable? Say the business visited schools to do presentations. Could they specify a range of ages they were willing to talk to (5-8, 7-10, 10-13 etc) which users could then use in their search?

    • HI,
      sorry, that’s not the way GeoTheme works.
      GeoTheme is made to create a directory where each place have 1 physical address.

      • That’s a shame. Great looking script, though. Got me thinking about all the sites I could set up with it, so I’ll be back once I’ve found a solution for my current needs.

  9. two more questions:
    -can the map bubble pointers be color coded by category?
    -can the listings pull from ‘reviews around the web’ the way that google places does?

  10. I have a question regarding categories. Is there a way to set up sub categories?
    So if you have restaurants, can you have subdirectory of the american, italian, chinese, thai, etc?


  11. Hello I was wondering is it possible to search the listings by numbers or letters?


    So if the person knows what the first letter in the name of the place they can just click that letter and see the listings that start with it. This could be at the top of the page or something. You can visit this link to get an idea of what am talking about.

    • That site is using Drupal, much more powerful than WordPress. In Drupal, you would want to start with a plain html theme then working your way through TPL files and Apache Slor search configuration…what is it indexing and how do you want it to perform the search.

    • it is easily translatable and I know of members who already translated it in french.
      Once you buy it and have access to the members forum you can ask them if they are willing to share the translation flie.

  12. Hi

    So this is geotheme v3, i take that there were previous versions? How easy is it to upgrade between versions? I would not want to spend months trying to upgrade from v3 to v4 when it comes out, please give guidance



    • So far updating has been an easy task, becuase database hasn’t been change. Whenever v4 will come out, a big change in structure and database is to be expected. However, we try to provide all necessary tools to make the update process as easy as possibile.

  13. Can you elaborate a little more on your CSV import function. I have several CSV files with thousands of local listings. Name, Address, Phone number etc…

    Can I import these?

  14. Has geotheme been tested for compatibility with:
    WordPress Multilingual Plugin?
    Has it ever been used with large sites with tens of thousands of pages?

  15. I need to import a lot of place (restaurants). I have tried with GT Tools Import, but even i have create an appropriate CSV file it doesn’t work very well. For instance it doesn’t keep the contacts, the address and son on, the categories too.
    Maybe i don’t understand exactly how it works..Could you help me?Thanks a lot

  16. Is there a LEGAL or ethical scraper in existence that won’t get banned if we use it? Or is there a way get business listings that we could simply import as a way to populate the business directory we are creating with real listings? Please advise. To do it manually would be a real headache! Thanks (Maybe a dumb question to some – but we are novices at this)!

  17. Is it possible for the business listings to offer coupons on their listing page? If you dont have that option now, how difficult is it to implement that option?
    Another question. Is it possible to let businesses post classifieds if they need? How difficult is that to enable?

  18. Hi,
    Great theme, when do you plan to have the mobile friendly version, the iphone app looks good, but It would be great to have mobile friendly option too.


  19. Hi,

    I am really interested in taking this theme from you, but credit cards in the UAE aren’t accepted for online purchases and Pay Pal is currently blocked! Don’t ask! :)
    Is there any other method I can get the cash to you? i.e. a transfer through


  20. Hi,

    I’m looking at this theme for a couple of projects, one directory and an events only site. Will it work OK as an events only site or do I need to add businesses all the time?

  21. Want to create a global products directory like how extendible is geotheme to mimic this site?

    also, any thoughts on integration of openstreetmaps?

    • Hi,
      GeoTheme can provide most functionalities needed for such site, but what you take as example is quite complex and to make it function exactly like that you would have anyway to customize/extend it a bit.

  22. Noticed on 2 Android devices, home page loads fine (responsively), however when I tap a listing, that page is not loaded responsively, but rather full desktop view. Using Android 2.3, phones tested: Droid X, LG Optimus Elite

  23. Hi there, I would like to buy this theme TODAY!

    however I just have one or two questions:

    1. Will the system automatically take payment from users each month? such as a debit order? So if they buy 6 months advertising it automatically bills each month?

    2. If someone has not paid, can they be automatically dropped down to a Free listing?

    3, Thirdly, how do the featured ads get displayed? from newest to oldest, oldest to newest?

    Please help me clarify these points so I can buy this amazing theme!

    Kind Regards
    Jamie Myburgh

  24. I am very close of buying this wonderful theme. Yoe have made a great work.
    I am testing my playground but I am having trouble in customizing the map… From the admin panel I writed the place and the country I want to appear as a default but it seems that it loads endlessly but it is not appearing and when i click for Glasgow it is OK but not for the cities that i want to work.
    Also I wanteed to know can I make the theme multilingual and which is the better way to do that?
    Thanks a lot

  25. So that I understand: This is not just a theme or skin for WP. It is also a directory script for WP. In other words, I do not need to get an additional directory script.. This is it..

    Also, I only want to target a given region of my area. Not the entire State. This is doable, right? And, finally, can I use video like yelp does for premium memberships?


    • Hi Fernando,

      answer yes to all questions.

      It is a directory script, you can entirely manage the locations as you wish and allow video embedding only for premium listings.



  26. Hi guys, Brilliant work on your theme, thanks very much this seems to be exactly what I am looking for-I have three sites that I want to use this with, creating a local business ranking machine my customers will benefit from-by registering they will improve their SEO ratings, I am extrapolating this will be the case? Is this theme O.K to use for Australia, do the maps and local details work internationally?

  27. I am planning on signing up with Geotheme but I don’t want to spend all this time and money customizing v3 if v4 is going to come out and I would have to do everything over again. Should I wait for v4 or start with v3 now?

  28. interested but few question…
    1.when can we expect v4.. can we get an estimated date please

    2. briefly what will be the changes

    3. if i buy v3 and make listing then update to v4.. will my listing remain as is or i have to re-list/redo everything

    thanks for your time..

    • Hi,
      beta release for the new version should be expected for end of february.
      Features wise very few. We are rewriting the entire framework to make it easier to use and mostly to make it infinitely extendable.
      We will include convertion tools for current members.

    • Yes it does, there are currently 2 addons to add buddypress to geotheme, and from what I’ve heard, new buddyrpess 1.7 will no longer need our addons to work, but it is autoinstalling and compatible with any theme, GeoTheme included.

  29. Nice work.. I have little time to run my website.. Would like to know when v4 release? Other then few months.. Because I been hearing this since November ..


  30. Hello Paolo,
    I’d like to know if I can disable the option to add comments to listings, as well as change the theme to a theme I already have set up. I have the site already set, but would like to use GeoTheme as my provider

    • Hello Paolo,
      Let me clarify my previous post. I’d like to change the layout, colors, and positioning of some items using your GeoTheme pluggin. Is this possible?

      • GeoTheme isn’t a plugin. It is a theme. As for all themes, you can change layout, colors and items position, but there is no wysiwyg editor to do those changes. Html, css and php skills are required to do that.

  31. I noticed on the sample home page it has a row for atractions, a row for restaurants, recent reviews, and then attractions as a list. Is it possible to just have a list of directory entries there without having to specify a particular category?

    • Hi, each row is a created by a widget, you can rearrange, them as you like and if you use only one, adding multiple categories id it will do just what you are looking for.

  32. Hi there,

    Is it possible to use this directory on a website that is hosted with different web host (other than WordPress)?

    If yes, what are the requirements?


  33. In watching your tutorial videos it seems that you need to put each state and city in manually. Is there a way to upload the cities and states with a CSV file?

  34. This seems like it’ll be exactly what I need! Can I set recurring events with times? Like every Friday 10pm-1am? If so I’m sold! If not I’m willing to code it myself just trying to get away with not having to write any code lol!

  35. It is not easy to manage international directory. How can i integrate this Geo Theme? Will it help my website to create global directory? Can I fetch all regions of cities, countries and islands? Can I Fetch locations of Famous Hotels?

  36. Hi was just about to buy this excellent theme when I spotted the comments about v4 and it’s launch with talk of converting from v3 – any word on a launch yet? Would rather not put a lot of work in only have to redo if v4 is totally different but at the same time champing at the bit to buy!

  37. A couple more quick questions – if someone has a premium listing with extra images, video etc and their payments stop so that the listing reverts to free – does the data remain so that if they upgrade again they don’t have to resubmit everything?

    If I have premium listings at x amount can I upgrade some for free? It’s just to get the ball rolling with premium listings so folks can see what they get and for a bit of social proof that other businesses have gone premium…

  38. I’ve been doing a lot of careful analysis of many of the different competitor solutions. There’s about 8 of them that I could find. I’ve decided I’m going to buy GeoTheme primarily because of a couple things. The Big One is that Google Search will display the actual stars on its search results while almost all the others don’t. I also like the fact that visitors can login with Facebook, Google, or Yahoo accounts making it much easier on site visitors and should result in a higher number of reviews submitted. The only thing that made me hesitate on buying GeoTheme sooner was my worry of how well or poor it the non-app version will work on mobile devices. Anyhow, we’re going to give it a shot.

  39. Hi,
    does it come with regions and cities for each country pre-installed or do we have to create them all?

    Also, would it best to have a subdomain for each country e.g.,, etc, or just have it all in one big directory?

  40. Do you have these feature??

    Private messaging
    Tagging other members’ reviews as “helpful” or “well written”
    User-created city guides
    User-created groups/forums
    Lists of “friends”
    Google Maps display of other venues in the vicinity
    Sharing reviews on Twitter and Facebook

  41. Hi. I understand that the beta version for V4 isn’t stable enough yet? Because a lot of potential customers may choose another theme then GeoTheme (because they can’t or don’t like to wait), is it an idea that you create a page where we can read the new features/changes that will be in V4? So that we know if we can start with V3 and update to V4 later or better wait for V4?

    • Hi,

      the new version has not been officially announced yet. Only been discussed here on comments.

      We will release when it will be ready, and it will be done when we are happy with it.

      If someone can’t wait, it’s 100% his right to buy anything he prefers…

  42. Hi,

    we have already a search website with companys but we like to import them on wordpress so we look for the right template. When we import the existing list on this theme is it possible that the companies can claim ownership to the profil site of their company to edit it?

  43. Do this theme allow adding sub categories under sub categories for example. Professional -> Attorney –>criminal, divorce, insurance and so on?

    If a person signs up to provide a listing, what should we include him as being able to sign up…should we allow him as a subscriber, an author, or contributor?

    When articles are added, do they go directly to a blog section, or do we have a way to provide that?

    • Hi,
      no only 1 level of sub-categories is allowed.
      All users must be set as authors.
      Users cannot add aticles, the can only submit places and events.Only admin can add blog posts, thus he can manage them while creating them.
      Thank you

  44. Can I add in other plugins to your theme? Like TablePress (so I can add a table to the front page) and Benchmark email (for an email newsletter signup) and possibly a forum at some point.

    • Hi,

      of course other plugins can be added. I haven’t personally tested the plugins you mentioned, but unless there is a major conflict, they should work just fine.


    • Hi,

      1) you can set how many images can be uploaded for each listing price package. If you don’t set a limit, unlimited images can be uploaded.

      2) Only images added by the admin can have captions. The front end upload form, doesn’t have a filed for caption.


  45. I noticed all the website listed in your showcase all have the search box in the top of the page in this format:
    search:_______ nearby:_______

    My question is what if I do not want to give users the ability to search but to just select the location. Or perhaps just give them the ability to select the category from a dropdown menu and the location. Can that be set up?

    • Hi, we are currently testing and polishing the alpha version. We should go beta in a few weeks. The project as changed radically from what we thought it would be back than…

  46. your theme is great!!

    but little confused on, business finder and geotheme,

    both are created by you ? same feature ?

    or business finder is better.. i like the feel of business finder theme

    anyways, if i also like to modify it to estate theme style, is it that hard ?

    I’d like the style of templatic real estate 2 theme but this hav had too many bug just as you know on the geoplace. Do you have similar theme ? or can u suggest ?

    • Hi,

      business finder has nothing to do with geotheme. GeoTheme has twice the features compared to business finder.
      We don’t have any real estate theme available.

      Thank you,

    • HI,

      today we released 3.3.5 and latest child theme v is 1.3.4
      We are alpha testing V4. once it’s polished enough for a beta release we will allow members to download it to start testing it.
      We don’t have an official date for that yet.


  47. Can I get little info on how current versions upgrade works? ex.. 3.3.5 to 3.3.6

    Is it one click WordPress alike upgrade?? Or we have to manually upload files??

    Thanks again..!!

  48. Hi! I have been looking at Geotheme and other themes with similar function. Questions are as follows after poking at the playground and reading through comments above.

    1) Am I reading properly that V4 will end up being Geotheme Plugin vs Geotheme WP Theme?

    2) What type of hosting plan is suggested for someone starting a local based Geotheme powered page vs. Statewide vs. Country vs. Global?

    3) In order to have a specific location up and running, it seems you have to input the region/city information – how detailed do you have to enter the information for it to function properly and display that location?*

    *I may need to spend a bit more time in the playground to figure out how geolocation would automatically bring you to the right place b/c I have not gotten that to work yet.

    • Hi,
      1) yes new version will be a plugin.
      2) the bigger the directory the more server power you will need. But it also depend on the traffic your pages generate. We normally suggest to start off with a decent VPS.
      3) location name, map zoom level and Lat and Long coordinates are mandatory. You can download a sample CSV for location imports in your playground under GT Tools Import/export.

  49. Hi,

    Short question, when is the plugin version going to be released? And will it work with the genesis theme?

    Best regards,


  50. What is the difference between theme and child-theme? Can I create categories and sub-categories in my theme – like Doctors & sub categories to be their specialization?

    • Hi,
      a child theme works only in conjunction with the parent theme and allows the site admin to customize both php, html and css without altering core theme files. This allows to update the core theme without losing customizations everytime.
      Yes it is possibile to create that category structure.

  51. A few questions;

    1) Do we have to put every city into the system or does your system already have a list? I am developing a truly global database for a directory project and need to list pretty much every city for locations so am just wondering what is available now in the system?

    2) Also could we list other things like names of famous places instead of cities/towns (or could we do both?) Just wondering how flexible “place” is or could we do something like add searchable tags? IE near eiffel tower?

    3) Finally I’d like to be able to rank search results based on a number of different parameters and list the results based on star rating primarily followed by profile completeness. Is there a way to do that?

    4) Is it also possible to change the graphics used in the rating system? IE rather than a star we use something else? I suppose this could be done manually but it would be nice to know prior to purchase whether this is configurable in the current version?

    • hi,
      1) yes, location database must be built by site admin
      2) You can list anything that has a latitude and longitude coordinates.
      3) You will need to modify search queries (php/mysql skills required)
      4) It can be done manualy only. There is no option in the backend to do that.


  52. If I buy version 3 is the upgrade to version 4 included? Any update on the release of version 4?

    • at the moment the theme is not going towards a version 4. We have already released in beta a new product called GeoDirectory which is a plugin and is currently tested by current members..
      WHen we will open the new website where the plugin addons will be sold, we will extend a 6 months free subscription to all current GeoTheme members, so the answer is yes.

  53. Is it possible to change the wording in the main search terms – i.e. Everywhere, All Countries … ?

  54. I am looking forward very much to the geodirectory plugin that you are building. It is slow coming, but I guess that means that it is being solidly built, which is excellent. My question is whether the geodirectory plugin will be suitable for use with two themes that I use, (1) Headway, and (2) themes? Thankyou.

    • Hi,
      we haven’t tested it with these frameworks (we don’t have them), however we tested it with wp default themes and genesis and it’s 100% compatible with both.
      It probably is with them too and if it isn’t it’s in our interest to correct it.

  55. I’ve been playing around with the demo and there are a couple things I can’t figure out. I have created categories (such as food) and sub-categories (such as restaurants) and then even a sub-category of that (such as Italian). But I don’t see any option when you’re on the site to just go to that category. I have to go to “food” and wade through all the results to find “Italian restaurants”. Can’t the sub-categories be a drop-down menu from each of the main categories on the navigation bar? The only place I see to have a drop-down is a widget, and that takes away the main blue navigation bar completely. And then even in that drop-down, the sub-categories aren’t listed under their parent categories, it’s all in alphabetical order instead. In that case, I have bakeries listed under attractions. Am I missing something here?

    Also, is there any way I can have the categories on the Google map automatically checked so the person sees all the pins when they first come to the site, and then un-check the ones they don’t want to see?

    And I don’t know if it’s just not working right, but the category list on the Google map shows all categories including sub-categories. When I check the “collapse child categories” in the map settings, it collapses everything and you don’t see any categories at all.

    If I can get these things figured out I would definitely go for this theme, it has everything else I would want.

    • With GeoTheme you can only have parent categories and subcategories. It doesn’t handle sub-sub categories.

      Yes you can have categories checked by default in the map and you achieve that by editing options in manage city.

      • Ok, but how do the sub-categories work if you can’t select anything but the main category when you are searching for a place? It’s pointless to put a listing in a sub-category if you can’t choose it. There’s no place for a drop down menu or anything?

        • Hi, of course there are dropdown, haven’t you seen the website on the showcase section? ost have category subcategory and their menu have dropdown submenus.

          • I do see the showcase sites, but I can’t figure out how to get it to do the same thing in the playground. All the navigation bars on the showcase sites all look different anyway, so I didn’t know what type of changes they had made to get it to do the dropdown.

    • I’ve tried creating a custom menu and it won’t let me choose from the place categories or the event categories. The only thing it lets me choose from is “blog” and “uncategorized”.

  56. Hello;

    How do we add all the countries, cities of the world? Is it done automatically or we have to enter manually?

    When a person visits site, do they initially only see what is in their city and of course they can search for other places?


    • GeoTheme doesn’t come with a database of locations included. That’s something you will have to build.
      The second question, it depends how you set it up. It can also work as you described it.

      • 1. I am sure there must be a way to upload all countries etc, it must available.

        2. Also there is a Voucher Plugin that is supposed to be compatible with your theme.

        3. Are the theme and plugs with the same features. I guess the plugin gives us more flexibility to control the visual effects of the site.


  57. Hello, I am curious if it is possible to run java-script along the top of the page to show featured listing perhaps. An example has a scrolling bar with anime episodes floating along the top of the page. I think this would be extremely interesting if applied to a city level. This could even be applied to trends or popularity which is something found in FourSquare. Example: Popular this week: Popular this month: Any thoughts?

  58. Hello;

    Congrats on your plugin release. Wishing you the best.

    A couple of questions;

    What is the hosting requirements.

    Who can help with customizing a new launch using your plugin?

    Is it better to customize theme or plugin? Considering plugin is richer in features?


  59. Is there an option for the businesses to have a widget on there site. For example they pay $5 a year and they can install a widget on there site that feeds reviews from there listing.

  60. Hi,

    This looks like exactly what I have been looking for.
    I want to create a international website for therapists.

    Quick questions please:

    Can we have 2 membership levels, so paid members and non paid members with different access/ abilities?
    Can the paid members add their own articles easily from the front end and can we prevent non paid member from adding articles?
    Is there a option for paid members to add a number of videos to there profile?

    • Hi,
      GeoTheme doesn’t provide that option. All users are the same, they can visit any page or listing, comment and review and submit new listings.
      You can make them pay only to submit featured listings, granting more features and visibility to their listings.

      You could achieve what you want integrating a membership plugin, but that wont be a plug and play job. It will require an extensive customization.


  61. Hi, I just created a playground and I really want to buy this theme. I sent an email with PRE-SALES questions a day or so and I didn’t get an answer. Glad I found this page:

    1. I’m confused about the add-ons. Do I need these if I purchase the theme? Or are they for if I just download the plugin?

    2. I’m also confused about the membership. As I was searching for answers, I read that membership costs $150. Did I surf to the right page? I’m just trying to figure out if I purchase the theme, will I then need to purchase support?

    Thanks and looking forward to your answers. I think this is the theme for me,

    Rita Lorraine

  62. Hello, I read a comment asking the same question, but in 2012…

    The website I’m trying to launch is just like yelp, the difference is the “Site Owners” do NOT have physical locations, however they will want to be located within State/City… just not specific address… Can I easily allow people to NOT use a physical address?


  63. What do you mean by auto renewing after 6 months? does that mean, I cannot use the theme after 6 months?
    Does this theme support all the features available in

    • After 6 months if you don’t renew you only lose access to support and updates. The licence never expires, simply if there is any problem due to a WordPress update for example, you are on your own.
      You can create a website very similar to Yelp, no identical.


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