Create your own GeoTheme Demo and try out all of it’s features, front and backend.

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16 thoughts on “Try before buying!

  1. Hi,

    I am looking at your theme but not sure whether it can be customised to suit my site. I want to be able to list the Theatres (Places) in the major cities in Australia and then for each Theatre, I want to be able to show the Events that are on there and allow users to post their review of the Event. I also want users to be able to review the Theatres themselves,in terms of the seats and other facilities. I couldn’t see a way to link Events to Places but maybe I’m missing something?
    Is what I’m describing workable in your theme?

  2. The Version 3 demo theme seem to have an issue with Internet Explorer 10 running on Windows 8 which doesn’t provide the support to flip the images left or right and not even select one of the images. This can be tested under “Food Nightlife” then select “Morimoto” for example.

  3. Hey. This webpage says, “Create your own GeoTheme Demo and try out all of it’s features, front and backend.” I have already created my Playground. How do I go to the backend? I want to see the settings.

    • Hay, after registering your playgounrd site, you can visit the backend by adding to your playground url /wp-admin/


      the url was given in the signup confirmation page.

      Thx for testing!

  4. Couple of questions.

    Can you turn off all free listings? Can you charge a monthly or yearly membership fee instead of a per-listing fee?


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