Are social network buttons important?

On Geo Theme you have a multitude. From the most important like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ next to place and events titles, to many others visible on request.

7 thoughts on “Social sharing buttons

  1. Hi,

    Great theme! I am not a techie. Do you have trained techs I can hire to insure I am able to easily load CVS files as I am on a mac for instance. Also is it easy to integrate 3rd party sites – like a crowdfunding site into this? What would I need to do that?

    Can you change the design, fonts, colors, add a logo easily if you are not a techie?

    Are there any third party plugins with businesses populated or any way to share with other buyers of this theme? I am looking for the fastest and easiest way to populate the business directory with some reviews.

    Thanks so much!

  2. If I purchase the $85 option and I want to upgrade later on to the iphone/android app can i do that, and if so how much will it cost me.

    Also I want to purchase GT coupons and another plugin like megamenu, will these plugins work alog side each other with out causing any clashes

  3. Do you have or are there any place for a facebook “check-in” or “attending” button for the events listed on GT? Thank you.

  4. Hi is it possible to bulk upload listing via csv that the 8 to 10 columns of information can be uploaded to each category

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