New visitors can create an account or login by simply connecting one of their social accounts such as: Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Yahoo or Google.

Social connection makes registering to your GeoTheme site so easy, that you’ll finally see your users base grow like never before!

Connecting through Facebook and Twitter will import the user profile picture too…

14 thoughts on “Social connect

  1. In the above screenshot there are some nice social buttons. Are these a custom development or do I need to install a plugin? I’m using the basic child theme.

  2. Can you “force” to register and login ONLY with Social connect and not allow “anonymous” login?

    • Tweaking the theme code everything is possibile, but you need to know how to do it. This is a customization and we don’t provide support for customizations.


  3. please advise if the 6 month license is for updates or when i purchase the standard license for 85 usd.

    can i use the template after the 6 months? only the updates expire????
    please advise urgently

  4. Is it possible to allow visitors to submit reviews without having to register or login? I think it would easily increase the volume of reviews.

  5. I’m comparing your theme and the Directory theme and can’t really decide which one to go for. Therfore I have two questions and one suggestion.

    1. Is your theme BuddyPress ready. If not do you have any plans to build in buddypress support in the near future?

    2. Is it possible to create different cities and have local news for each of them (based on custom post types or categories)?

    Finally my suggestions, can you build an add-on that will show the local wheater for the city the user is browsing? There is free weather data available from for example so you can use their API.

  6. Hello,

    Everybody can rate/add an event/restaurant/… or they have to be logged with an account created before?

    Thank you very much.


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