A picture is worth a thousand words!

In Geo Theme reviewers can upload pictures and attached them to their reviews! What other City Portal Theme does that?

24 thoughts on “Reviews with a views

  1. Can there be multiple categories to review on?
    For example, a restaurant may have:
    1) Price
    2) Quality
    3) Ambiance
    4) Wait Time

    A person then can rate on each category and come up with a final rating.

    If this theme can do that, I’m paying immediately to purchase it.


      • Hi Paolo! How long before this new addon is available? This is exciting news because I really need that feature for my restaurant site:)

  2. Hi Paolo, found your Geotheme and it looks very promising. Could you provide more details on the multiple review (webnware of theme tailors) please?
    I’m also looking for this feature as Paul described to include in your theme.
    Where can I find more info and status on this upcoming feature?
    Finally, is English the only supported language? How easy is it to change to local language (Dutch) so people who want to add listing see all text in Dutch?

    • Hi Seb,
      multiple rating plugin is almost ready. Vikas of webanware should show us a demo today.
      If he did everything as requested, we could even release it today…
      English is the official language and can be easily translated, following wordpress standard translating procedure.
      Sorry, but I don’t know if anyone already translated it to Dutch.

      • Thank you Paolo, that is great news.
        Could you post a message here once the review plugin is available or send me an email please?
        A printscreen (or video) would be highly appreciated just to see the results and possibilities (e.g. unlimited review categories?).


        • I, too, am eagerly awaiting the multi-category rating plugin. If it works in the same fashion as Trip Advisor, I’ll be ready to purchase.

      • Has the multi-level reviews plugin been completed and is this feature now bundled with your the GeoTheme theme?

  3. Good day!
    How can I post a video on a GeoTheme powered site? Can reviewers post videos?
    Thank you!

  4. Hello,

    I have a few questions about the comments/reviews:

    1. Can the admin remove a comment/review? (e.g. troll removal)
    2. Can the page owner reply to a specific comment/review? (e.g. a businesses right to reply to a negative comment)
    3. Can the page owner select whether they want to recieve comments/reviews on their page or not?

    Thank you.

  5. HI,
    you can create as many custom field as you want, link them to a price package and enable only the required category for that price.

    All custom fields can be used as sorting options.


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