Site Admin can give places owners the option to fully manage their reviews.

They will be able to reply to their customer feedback, moderate or delete offensive comments, banned user by username or even ip.

We believe customer feedback is useful to everyone, only when communication goes both ways!

30 thoughts on “Review management for place owners

  1. Can the ability for a business owner to delete a comment be turned-off (so that only the administrator could delete comments, if needed)? This would be similar to Yelp! where an owner can respond to a comment, but cannot actually delete a comment.

  2. Hello, great theme.
    We have a question: every owner of restaurant has a private control panel to set its data?
    Thank you

    • yes they do, if they are the orginal submitter or they claim ownership of the listing.

  3. Is it possible to disable reviews per listing or only “site-wide”? For example: One advertiser may welcome reviews while another advertiser may not want them.

    Thank you.

  4. I have a website I’ve been running for 4 years and want to migrate to geotheme. I’ve got hundreds of reviews. Is there a way I can add these reviews without setting up hundreds off user accounts? What would you suggest.

    • Is your website running on wordpress?
      If it is, you can acvtivate GeoTheme as the new theme, your original users will remain and you can covert posts to places. Review will remain attached to them. If it’s not a wordpress site, adding reviews to places isn’t going to be an easy thing. WordPress importer will allow to import a number of things from different platforms, users included, however without knowing how your site is done, it’s difficult to help.
      Thank you,

  5. Hi there,

    Got a quick one for ya. Is the pricing for the theme or ios app a-one-time fee(s) or annual recurring payments type?

    Thanks in anticipation :)

    • Hi the recurring price is for support and updates and you can chose not to set it automatically, by buying the no subscription package. Thanks

  6. Hi,
    While i was working on the localhost of my site using geotheme i am having following problems:

    I am trying to manage locations so As an ADMIN whenever i feed the information about a place on “ADD PLACES” option in the description box, it doesn’t show that description on the main site. But whenever i add a particular place and its description as a USER (not ADMIN)using the “ADD LISTING” option that we have given on the site -I am able to see that description on the main site.help me to clear this doubt

    Please provide the solution.Its urgent.It will be a great help.
    Thank you

  7. The reviews or stars are going to show en Google search like (google rich snippet) yellowpeges.com something like that

    • Rich snippets are included in each page, but it really depends on google’s decision about the quality of your webiste. Not for all website they show stars, even though the rich snippets are present in the pages.
      Too many people as usual abused of them…

  8. Please is this theme a mobile responsive theme? I cant seem to see anything about that on the demo.. Thanks

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