Many city events are organized recursively. Why bother entering one event for each occurence?

Giving users the best tools to submit their events, will ensure fresh new content added to your site daily, allowing it to outrank the competition on search engines and reach a wider audience.

Geo Theme allows to enter recurring events and they can be set to become active every week, every two weeks, every month and every year.

14 thoughts on “Recurring events option

    • Hi, only full page calendar available is the GT Claendar add on created by a member and sold on Theme Tailors. You just need a designer who is able to do css conversion too, to make it look like you want…

      • Hi. I’d like to get a better look at GT Calendar. Does it allow categories and especially multiple categories to be selected for an event? Thanks. Another feature I’d like to see is a search feature so that users can select the days of their visit and only see events on those days, with the choice of calendar or agenda format.

  1. Can events be exported to an excel or text file? I also run a print magazine, and need to put all the events entered online into an InDesign file.

    • the theme doesn’t provide such option. The new plugin will. The beta is out, but the event module isn’t. We should release all addons in beta by the end of the month.

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