Notification management is very important in sites relying on user genenrated content.

Geo Theme features a built in professional notification system with plenty of shortcodes to fully customize messages and alerts throughout your site.

18 thoughts on “Real notification management

  1. hi there
    i am using templatic geo places.
    i am intresting to move in your theme
    but i NEED CLEAR to be informated about
    how the migration can take place.
    with the export option and bulk import shall it work?
    pictures ,databases etc?

    • Hi,
      f you are using GeoPlaces3 it’s fairly easy, however import from GP4 will not be as easy.
      Especially because few things are not setup the same way. (Regional settings, pricing and general settings are totally different)
      Best way is to start from scratches.

  2. How can i use city name in meta description of place categories. %location_name% doesn’t work. Any sugestions plz.

    • works fine on the demo sites. So I would have to check your installation to be able to answer, but please only use Forum for support.
      We don’t provide support here or via email.

        • Hi, we provide the playground only for testing porpouses and we don’t provide support for Playground sites.
          We only offer assistance to current members.

          • The playground is not always updated to the latest version and some options are not fully working right now. We tend to give priority to fix problems for current members. Very soon we will release the responsive theme and we will update the playground too to allow visitors to test. Please come back after we announce it and you’ll be able to fully test the playground.

  3. HI;

    Can this be setup so automatic emails be sent when new business/events etc are added to the site?

    Can periodic email be sent to those that joined but have not visited site over certain time frame? For instance if they have not visited in 15 days, 30 days, 45 days, 60 days, 90 days etc?


    • Hi,
      GeoTheme provides a notification management tool, however what you are requesting is a marketing tool and you’d have to integrate something else to make it work that way.

  4. hi,
    i love the script and i want to buy it but i still have some questions
    [1] how do i log into the admin panel of my my playground site,

    [2]if a business own list his busness in GT directory where will they receive enquiry sent by users?ls it in their dashbord or in their business email they provided while while filling the ‘list form’
    [3]is GT compatible with these plugins or

    thanks, ahead

    • Hi,

      1) to visit your playground dashboard visit
      2) In their business email, they have no access to the dashboard.
      3) The 1st probably yes, the affiliate plugin I’m positive it’s not.


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