What’s the point of offering only different periods of publication to monetize your listing?

If you can restrict number and quality of information that can be submitted for free and add extra and better option for featured listings, your visitor will have more reason to pay!

Geo Theme allows to individually manage all elements of Submit Place & Submit Event forms. Decide what to restrict and what to make available for your site’s packages and offer true value for money.

Now with Paypal Recurring Payement option!

54 thoughts on “Price management with recurring payements

  1. Hi,just questions:

    Recurring payments are automatically debited, or the consumer can decide whether to pay or not pay, even with payment notices?

    If I create a complete package with all the options of information, valid for one year (eg $ 50) without activating the featured option, I have to create another all package with enabled option (eg $ 50 + $ 10 featured 30 days)?
    The idea is to keep separate the time between one year package and the option featured.
    Haw can I manage this?

    • Hi,
      recurring payments works like recurring payments. Meaning people who subscribe are automatically charged when their listing expires, unless they cancel subscription before expiration.
      To do what you want to do, you can use regualar payments and use the notification system to let consumer know their listing is about to expire.

      Second answer is yes. You have to create 2 packages:

      Package 1 : ALL 50$ => 1 year
      Package 2 : ALL + Featured 70$ => 30 days featured (after Expire, Downgrade to Package 1)

    • GeoTheme allows you to get payed throught all major gateways such as : Paypal, Google Checkout,, Worldpay, 2CO (2Checkout).

      You can also accept Pre Bank Transfer and Pay Cash On Delivery.


  2. Is it possible to start all listing owners with a free listing, then at some point in the future, require them to pay without them having to re-list their businesses? In other words, can I easily require them to pay to continue their listing (switch them to recurring payment)? Can geotheme give them a specific time to pay before de-listing them?

      • Ok, how about emailing them and requesting that they upgrade from free to paid, with a message that all free listings will be deleted by X date? In other words, I want some way to move them from free to paid without losing the listing, whether they do it or I do it.

          • Ok thanks. I still want to buy this theme. What about using a WP membership plugin to handle all the payment and access? Would it be easier to incorporate a membership plugin and then users could seemlessly add their listings?

  3. In the members area, can I add protected content that is for paid or premium members only? like training material, pdfs, videos etc. This is the deciding factor for me!


          • I thought the site had a built in membership system? will it work with wishlist member? When i get this can you help with initial set up of one level so I can see how it ties together? (for a fee I’m sure!)

          • Recurring payment, doesn’t mean membership system, where you can set different level of pricing for listings.
            It just means you can set a price and have it charged recurrently based on listing expiration.

            Integrating a membership plugin into getheme wouldn’t be so easy and we aren’t currently taking on custom projects, but I’m sure that you can find help in our members forum or on Theme Tailors.



          • so how does buddy press work? So the businesses are not “members”? I’m sorry, this does not make sense to me. having different subscriptin types is essentially a membership system or am i completely off base on this?

  4. How can a customer download his bill/receipt automatically e.g. as pdf file. What about the VAT configuration possibility? Thanks for reply in advance.

    • HI,

      GeoTheme doesn’t handle VAT and the only receipt you can send is through email via notification system (other than the receipt provided by payement gateway)

  5. Hi,
    I Have to build a site similar to this, however I was wondering if its possible to add a booking system on businesses profile pages.

    For example. Boat charter or hotel booking.
    So the page may have book for these days this room, or charter boat from 7am to 1pm on this date etc.

    And simply have the booking and the bookers information emailed to the Business advertised?

    • Hi,
      currently there is no booking system especially built for GeoTheme. There could be a plugin for it out there, but we never tested any of them, so I can’t tell…

  6. Hi there,

    In order to use Geotheme I would need to be able to take payments through Beanstream payment gateway. I was wondering if it’s possible to build this functionality into the theme, or have someone create a plugin for it. I put a customization request in at Theme Tailors but haven’t had any response to it.


  7. Paolo,

    I’ve been testing your theme with the demo and I must congratulate you.

    When a user creates a free listing and reviews the listings under the Author Tab, there are 3 links to Upgrade, Edit or Delete the listing, under the stars section. When clicking on them this is what appears: Access Denied!

    I’ve read in previous comments that there is no possibility for a User to change from free to pay type listing, but after seeing this Upgrade link I’ve thought this may have change.

    If it hasn’t, what is the upgrade link for?

    Kind regards.

      • So are you now able to upgrade listings from free to paid? I was thinking about starting my directory with free listings and then charging businesses once my site gained enough traffic to justify payments.

        • That’s how it always worked. You can have free listings or paid listings (you are free to decide to add them later) and free listings can upgrade to paid listings anytime.
          Thanbk you

    • nobody ever asked… With GT4 it will be easier to build new payement gateway. Shouldn’t take much longer before we release a beta…

  8. Hello,
    I need to know if it is possible to buy a single item using the current payment methods. For example i need to buy a ticket for a concert using payment information present on the item page. Is this available or we need to writ the code ourself?

    • Hi, no there is no ecommerce system built in. The only thing that can be currently sold through GeoTheme are featured listings to business owners.

  9. Hi there,

    I’m wondering if you have any “per listing” features available other than featured category, etc.

    Specifically, I’m wondering if I can create and assign custom fields to listing packages.

    As an example:

    Free Package:
    1 category
    1 image upload
    Twitter link

    Paid package 1:
    3 categories
    3 image upload
    Twitter link
    Website Link
    Map location

    Paid package 2:
    8 categories
    8 image upload
    Twitter link
    Website Link
    Map location
    LinkedIn link

    Something like that? If so, can you direct me to the docs regarding these if they exist?

  10. Hi,
    I have a question:
    If i add a new custom field,for example “Facilities”,
    and i want to add in a Paid Package, how can I do? Thx

  11. Hy Paolo, I delete all the Manage price Package, because I dont need any one. But the theme dont let my submit a event o listing. I cant add a new Manage price Package too. Wath can i do?

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