Each element in it’s own place!

Blog post are separated from Places and Events, which are using specific custom post types and taxonomies.

Wish to modify the submit places and events forms? You can create custom fields without adding a line of code!

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    • Hi, you just need to enter the city name and click on “set on map”, it will get lat and long automatically!

      • I will get straight to the point, we have on our events calendar, events that have start dates on June 12 and end dates in October, BUT the event only runs every Thursday of the week for a few hours (Farmer Markets) yet the way things are set up right now, either a person has to put the event in each individual thursday or the event is put in from june to october and looks like it runs every day, when it doesn’t (only on thursdays). Is there an update that gives more control over that or is there a plugin that will grab from the current events and give us more control to the current calendar or in a new calendar? I hope that all made since. thanks,

  1. Is it possible in the new version to link Events to Places? I need to be able to show a list of current and upcoming events at each place.

  2. Can I have the event published in more than one location? think a movie that is being played in several theaters

  3. Can GeoTheme be setup to have mutiple place categories? i.e.: Accomadations, Restaurants while still keeping the events category?

  4. Can blog posts be viewed separately in an actual blog page? If so, can registered users potentially post to their own blog posts as well as their own reviews?


    • HI,
      blog posts can be viewed separetly, but there is no built in front end form to allow visitors to submit blog articles, like places and events.
      That said there are quite few plugin that allows to do that quite easily, so that could be definetly achieved,

  5. How do we add a field, ex: Google+ URL, into the biz listings or events? Or is it possible? How many custom fields can we add?

    • there is a built in feature to easily create as many new custom fields as you need.

  6. How can we add new custom field to entire category? I found that option only under single event.


    • When you add a new custom field you can select for which price package you want it to appear. Than for each price package you can select corresponding category.

      • We need to add new field in whole category, like for all Events or Restaurants. I need a field like “New restaurant owner” field. It’s a text field for instance. How can I add it for all Restaurants?

        • When you add a new custom field you can select for which price package you want it to appear. Than for each price package you can select corresponding category.
          Create a price package and allow only restaurant category for it. Assign the new custom field to that price package…

          • I have: Manage price. Then I click Add price. When I click Add price I don’t have option to select categories.
            Please help me.

          • HI,
            where are you trying to do this. In a playground on on your site?
            In the first case, please tell me the site name.
            In the second case please post support requests only on support forum.

    • Hi,
      location database is empty when you first install. You decide which location is going to be displayed as default.

  7. Can I create my own Custom Post Types and Taxonomies? I’m thinking of building a local service providers directory in which I would like a custom post type for businesses rather tan places and events.

        • it means that GeoTheme is 100% open source. If you know how to code php and know wordpress API enough to build your own custom post type and taxonomies, it can be done.

          If you ask for a back end interface that automatically creates them, no that is not possibile.

  8. Hi!

    Any chances to integrate the theme with All-In-One Calendar plug-in?

    And another question – is there an option to have the category-selectable map on front page as a plugin – to use it with already used theme?

    Hope it’s right place to ask these questions.


    • HI Lukas,
      we have never tested All-In-One Calendar plug-in, but it looks like our event system can do most of what’s done with that plugin. Integrating them, would be a lot of custom work.
      The second question I can tell for sure, it’s not possibile.

      Thanks for your interest,


  9. Is it possible to have the default location page of a user signing in show up? In other words, can a person log in from Kingston Pa. and have their view of the template be of businesses in the Kingston Area or have it say welcome Joe – from Kingston Pa. or something to that effect? Kind of like Yahoo and other sites do that recognize where a person is from.

    • Yes Joe,
      if you enable Geolocation, user will be redirected to the page of the closest city to his location, even if not logged in.

  10. Is it possible to have an additional calendar page for events, so users can also see filtered event results on a calendar (similar to All-In-One Events Calendar)? For example, can you have a calendar showing the current month, with Location, Category and Sub-Category/Tags filters allowing the calendar to show only the events applicable to the search filters to show on each calendar date?

  11. If you have multiple domains each with a directory, can you have all the directories/domains sharing the same database.

    Example: 3 domains, 1 database (or 3 databases synced) so that I can have the same hotel information on all 3.

    Reason behind that is, the client logs in to their listing on domain 1, updates their details and then all other domains are updated with the new content automatically.

    Is this possible?

  12. Is there a feature when creating events where you can set it to expire/auto-suspend/auto-remove once that event has past?

  13. Can you set up packages that do no show all fields?

    E.g Basic Listings only displays: Name, Address Phone, 1 x Photo

    Silver Listing Displays: Name, Address Phone, Description, 5 x Photos, Website, Email address

    • Yes you can. For each package you can enable/disable any field or set a defined number of pictures/categories available to upload/select.

  14. Hi,

    Which informations is required as a minimum to import cities and places ?
    I assume for cities : name, country, latitude and longitude; and for places : name, latitude and longitude.
    Can it be imported with just these informations?



    • Mandatory fields for cities :

      cityname + city_slug + lat + lng + scall_factor** + sortorder + is_zoom_home*** + categories* + is_default

      *categories must be created in advance.
      ** zoom scaling factor of map
      *** yes or not – zoom in the area where listings are present

      If you add regions:

      regionname + region_slug + lat + lng + scall_factor + sortorder + is_zoom_home + categories + city IDs + is_default

      So link between cities and regions is made in regions not the other way around.

      For places:

      Post Title+ Post Content + Post Category + post_type + address + geo_latitude + geo_longitude + post_city_id + package_pid*

      *package_pid (listing price package) must be created in advance.
      *categories must be created in advance.
      *post_city_id must be created in advance.



  15. Is it possible to create custom fields that only show in related categories? Ex: one set of fields that show when someone signs up for a restaurant listing and different fields if someone is adding a hotel listing?

      • Hi Paolo,
        Is it something that needs to be coded or is it possible with the out of the box design?
        Thank you

        • GeoTheme allows to create custom fields and make them available only for a partiular price package. Same for categories.
          Basically you need to create a different price package for each category or group of categories and for each package enable the right custom field.


  16. Does GeoTheme have the ability add listings at a cost but let events be added for free? Also, is the Admin allowed to approve a listing or event before it goes live?

  17. Hi,

    Great Theme! Was wondering if it is possible to have a places page show all of their events at the bottom (under their pictures and info)?

    For example a food truck. After all of their company info, could there be a list of the different places they have been and will be at?


    • As a follow up to this, is it possible for users to follow their favorite food truck and be notified when that particular company updates a new event?

      Thanks again for the amazing theme!

        • I’ve been thinking about it, and it seems more what I would like to do is closer related to favorites. I like how it is currently used, however, in the “my favorites” section where there is a little excerpt about each favorite – is it possible to modify the excerpt to include upcoming events (possibly even the events being listed as small icons)?

          I imagine this is possible similarly to how I would modify the code to make the events listed below the contact info on the business page. Am I correct that this is possible?

          Thanks again for taking the time to answer everything!

          • Hi, no this is much more complicated and almost unfeasible.
            You would have to query the database back and forth far too many times, just to produce 1 page and would probably create a bottleneck that could kill your server .

    • Hi and thanks for your interest!
      There is the option to display events linked to a business in the sidebar below business contact info. To make them appear below description, you would need to tweak the code.

      • That’s good news! I know HTML and CSS and am getting pretty good with PHP, so i’ll give it a shot. Thanks for your quick response!

  18. Hi guys, your theme really looks great.
    one Q: can an user add an event? like with the add listing button…?

  19. Hi, is it possible to use another database also? By changing the php code, is it possible to sync the other database or directly use it?

  20. Hello,i want to include the city as well as location in my wordpress url, can anyone tell me how can i do this.
    For eg. currently my urls are like

    but i want to remove /city from my url and add my city name in it

    For eg. i want the url structure as

    can anyone also tell me how can i create a separate page for my every city.

    Manpreet Singh

  21. Can GT be integrated to another calendaring app (Timely) via wordpress. In my case I am looking for both inbound ical (subscriptions) (maybe rss) and multiple outbound ical feeds based on categories (or business).

  22. Hi, is it possible to allow users to connect places to other places and have that shown on the sidebar of the places details page?

  23. Hi,

    I am almost ready to buy this theme. I have tried them all, including Geo Places and it did not work for what I need.

    A few Questions:
    1) Anyway you can post what type of URL searches are available so that I can test this on your demo

    What I am trying to do is search by URL for example:
    And that might also answer my next questions:

    2) Can we search by “Custom Fields” (even if only in the URL)?

    Because if yes, than I can just create a simple form and get the most advanced search tool.

    3) Can we have a Google map on top & center (not just in the side bar as in your demo) for categories?

    4) Can we have a slider in the home page INSTEAD of the map and the map only on category pages?

    • Hi,

      1) for more advance search feature, there is a plugin available on Theme Tailors, or GT4 will expand current search features a lot, but I don’t know if you can wait for it, as we still don’t know in how long we will release it.
      2) see above
      3) Yes
      4) Yes

      • I do believe that this current theme is lacking in search options, as is all other directory themes like Vantage. However, if I know that you guys will work on it and it will be added in the future, I will start my site the way it is now. Overall, I like pretty much what I see here.

        Regarding search, there is a big need from lots of users to be able to search by city, zip code, state and country. I am migrating from a paid CMS system that had default fields for address, city, state, zip and country. On your theme, as on Vantage, Geo Places, etc the address field is one long field.

        The way I worked around it on Geo Places was by creating addition fields called City, State, Zip and Country. Since Geo Places let search by custom field, I was able to use a form to accomplish this.

        The end result of the search was the url output that looked similar to this:

        In this example, the search result was for items with a custom field of color and result of blue.

        • HI,

          a community member created an advance search widget, I don’t know if that could help, but maybe you want to have a look at it.

          As you probably know, we have stopped development of the current version, but the new plugin is on its way and the advance search of it will please you much more. That said, the new plugin will be developed much further too after it’s release (like we did with GT for 2 years) and if anything relevant is missing, we’ll add it for sure.

  24. Is it possible to move SOME of the custom fields from the right sidebar inside the listing detail page to the center of the main listing area?

  25. 1) i created few custom post fields but they don’t come up on the search result. is this a bug or do i need another plugin?

    2) is it possible to sort multi-select custom post fields?


    • Custom fields are not a variable in the current search options and it is not possible to sort multi-select custom fields I’m sorry…

  26. Hi,
    Can it be possible to make structure like
    For example I would like to share a dish and link to a place?

    Shall I take ‘dish’ as event or review?
    Thank you

  27. Hi

    Your theme looks great and I want to use it for several projects, however, I have one question. I’m in the process of putting together some real estate stuff, where agents will be in the business sections, then I want to link open houses back to them.

    Is it possible to rename the events to be open houses or any other name I might require in the future ?

  28. Can we upload more than one photo image for the listing?
    E.g. a restaurant would want to display certain menu dishes and the seating arrangements inside the restaurant.
    I don’t see more than one photo image on the demo website. Kindly advise. Thanks.

  29. When adding a place or location, can Geolocation be used to pull the user’s location an give the lat/long instead of them having to input an address? Our project needs this because it is outdoor related and not all locations have an address.


    • It’s feasible, but it would require a code customization. Otherwise they can drag the marker on the map and click the button set adress on map.

  30. Hi,

    I am trying to do an advance search,

    Is it possible to search on multiple attributes and only display results that meant that criteria.

    • It would require an addon or a customization. Currently GeoTheme search is composed of 2 fileds. “Search for” and “Near”.
      No other attributes available.

  31. Hi there,
    For the event page… Is there a way that event owner can sell tickets and have guest RSVP?

    • Hi, it is easy to add a buy ticket button, but there is no built in ticketing system with RSVP features included. You’d have to use an external system for that.

  32. Hi Guys,

    I bought this theme but never use it.
    My main issue is your location structure.
    I mean I live in Australia, and each suburb is counted as a town. I can not add 13,000 towns(I tried).
    Its more logical if your system will pickup the location/city from the address of the business, and we will not need to manually associate the 2.
    Its better if you use Google API, that will save us from entering locations, and will make life easy.

    Let me know if you think this will be possible in the future?
    Thanks guys,

  33. Hi Guys

    Can you please tell me the name of the plugin used to enhance the menu font and icons for the venue and events descriptions?


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