One Parent theme, infinite child themes…

Customize both design and functions of your child theme without worrying about core updates. Take advantage of GeoTheme impressive features and create the perfect City Business Directory!

45 thoughts on “Wp Geo Theme Framework

  1. Hello,
    Can this geotheme frame be used in other languages? I need it in Spain. Will you give us instructions on how to translate everything?

  2. When will the IOS/Android App be ready? Will you provide guidance to configuring the site if I purchased this?

    • Hi, there is a complete documetation, a setup guide and almost 30 video tutorials.

  3. i want to see that web closer the one on the top right side that says student map or something like that

  4. Hi,

    I would like to know if there is a package language in brazilian portuguese.



    • Hi Denis,
      GeoTheme is in english only, but you can easily translate it in any language following wordpress standard translation procedure.

    • Hi Scott,
      green/black layout is the child theme. While if you main theme directly or blank child theme, that’s the layout you are going to have. You can also select from different color schemes.

      • Hi,

        May I know where are the child themes located or any compatible ones with yours that I can purchase?



  5. I’ve enjoyed the playground I set up, but I cannot get my .csv to upload properly. When I upload it says 0 records added. Any ideas? I want to make sure the csv upload works for me before I purchase.

        • We have a lot of user who bulk upload up to 30k listings in their site and these are only the one I know about. I should have a look at the setup and your csv to see what’s wrong, but as you may understand we don’t give pre-sales support. However if you buy GT, trust me we will make sure you are able to bulk upload all your listing no problems!

  6. Hi I am wondering if the “near” search function on the front page could be changed to drop down select menu of locations. For example, I can just choose New York or san francisco instead of typing it. Thanks

  7. Hi I wondering if is possible when the browser are open the Geo Theme maps are opening the current location of the user?

  8. Hi!
    Let say I buy just the theme and set up a website, can I buy iPhone Apps later?
    After adding the apps, would all data from the site be automatically populated for any mobile devices? Or will I have to do all work again?

    • Hi,

      yes you can upgrade anytime from your account page.

      Once the app is built, it connects to the site database and gets automatically populated.



  9. How can i create a CSV matching to Geo Listings, Give some ideas Then i can work on it, adding one by one is going to take long

    Please help me


  10. Hi,
    I have a question about multi language + content.

    Lets suppose I have these niches:

    English speakers with Specific Listings in English
    Russian speakers with Specific Listings in Russian
    German speakers with Specific Listings in German

    So, is it better to have a different website + app for each language?

    Or it can be done inside one installation?


    • With wpml it can be done with one install if using the theme only. If your are usgint he app, it can be translated, but it’s not compatible with multilanguage plugins. So the only solution would be to have separate installations.

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