Admin have the option to set a “New Lsiting” badge for the period of time they decide!

12 thoughts on “New listing badge for a defined period

  1. I need a city store etc. locator.
    Can user upload their own events to the websites predefined categories? For example art exhibitions, sport events etc.
    I addition I would like to have paid business listings.

  2. Is it possible to upgrade GeoTheme later to the one with iPhone app? And what’s the price of that?

    Best regards Henrik C. Obel

  3. Hi There,

    Impressed at first sight, and I have a few questions:

    1- on each event/restaurant/hotel page, we see one sigle picture on the post header. Can we display a galery instead ?

    2- Can the system allow members to manage their page? For exemple a restaurant owner could add/change pictures, change the text, etc…

    3- Can I make members paying to manage their page, meaning that I create a membership, with which they can manage their page. (That’s the purpose, isn’t it :)?)

    4- The map with the “get diredtion function is a killer. but can we move that up ? I bet so, if it is a widget…

    5- Do you have a roome booking option for the hotel owners that could be integrated in their page ?

    That will be okay for a first shot, but I am prety much interested…

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