Each transaction is now tracked so you can have full control of your financial flow!

7 thoughts on “Manage transactions and financial flow

  1. Hi is it possible to provide teasers following a search perhaps an image and then charge the person searching for accessing the full content?



  2. Hello,

    Does GeoTheme have a feature that allows me to track and earn on referrals?

    For example:
    Customers can view a listing of a hotel/restaurant…and they immediately decide to book the venue.
    Obviously it would be nice to earn a “referral fee” for this booking.

    Is this possible with GeoTheme?


    • Hi,
      The hotel/restaurant booking engine should have a system to track referral and provide you a link with a referral code in it to use on your geotheme site…
      In that case yes, you can use GeoTheme to get affiliate commisions.

  3. Hi. I understand from a previous question that a membership plug in would be required if my client wanted people to pay to use their GeoTheme site? I am a complete beginner (this will be my first WordPress site) so please can you tell me how easy or complex it is to install such a plug in?

    • Hi,
      if you are not an experienced developer, adding a membership plugin to GeoTheme isn’t an option.
      There is no plug and play solution as far as I know.

  4. Hello,

    I have a a similar issue to Carsten’s question above.

    I would like to charge for the listings of Residential Senior Care Facilities, and also keep track of when users “Send Enquiry” to the facilities.

    When Facilities receive clients through our site, they will owe us a referral fee and I’d like to be sure I can track those communications.

    Thank you,

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