You can set up as many coupon codes as you like. This way you can offer any type of discounts for your listing packages.

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  1. So im trying to create a wedding directory. I want half of it to have articles on how to plan a wedding and the the other half to have vendor listings for major cities and towns for photographers, video, limos, cakes, venues, ect. The actual map isnt important to me.
    I have bought PhPMyDirectory and it seems complicated and I dont like the way it looks. I bought directory press and its not really made for muliple locations.
    Help. Is GeoThmes my answer?

  2. When a coupon code is added, what will it look like on the web page? I would like to display a coupon that looks like one that a consumer would receive in the mail, which can be printed and taken to the business. Does GeoTheme offer that?

  3. Hello, a quick question.

    Can I use a 100% off coupon? Will it work to set the customer up with the chosen package type, in the same way as if they were paying an amount? Will the purchaser go through the payment process (PayPal in this case), regardless of the zero amount?

    I need to give only certain individuals packages at no cost, to start. They’re the same packages that other individuals will be paying for, so I cannot just make the packages free.

    If this isn’t possible, I suppose that I can try to interface a front-end membership plugin. Not as simple but it is a need that must be met, somehow.

    Thank you. Looking forward to your new release. I don’t know that I can wait, may buy the existing version within a few days.

    Great job.

  4. Hi, like what I see. Can one change the look, without special coding etc. Can you use the theme on sub domains? Any discounts coming up? Thanks Max.

    • HI,
      to change the theme you need to know a bit of css at least. Yes the theme can be used on subdomains. No there are no upcoming discounts.

  5. Do you have any news on the plugin you were going to release so we can use our existing theme and get the geotheme features within? thanks

  6. If someone signs up using a coupon code do they get the same discount the next billing cycle or do they get billed the full amount of the package?

  7. Hello,

    Can coupons and other promotions be visible only to certain member levels? And if so, will that work with any membership plugin?


  8. When I add new coupons i now deletes the previous one, is there a limit on how many I can use or is there a way to change this?


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