Geo Theme allow anyone to submit places and events. Not only business owners. Loyal clients can submit places just to show their support.

Business owners could be interested in managing their pages if your site becomes popular. Allowing business owners to claim their pages, gives you an extra opportunity to get in touch with your potential premium clients and close more deals.

Geo Theme “claim listing system” is also a great tool, which will allow you to gather valuable businesses contact information… submitted by their owners.

29 thoughts on “Listing claims

  1. 1. is the software encrypted or customizable?
    2. Do the comments have a “history” showing?
    3. Can you reply to 1 comment out of 5

    • Hi,
      GeoTheme is a wordpress Theme, thus totally open source and GPL.
      Honestly I don’t understand your other questions.

  2. I have a question about Claiming Listings. I have some listings that I don’t want owners to be able to claim them because of affiliate links to Hotel Sites. Is it possible to deactivate “Claim Listings” on specific listings?

  3. 1. How exactly do the claim listing work?
    2. What do claimers provide to admin to prove their claim?
    3. Is there moderation on the claim?
    4. If so, what happens to the listing until it’s approved? Does it go offline while awaiting moderation, or does it stay online?

    5. Does a listing become unclaimable once it’s claimed?


    • 1. Visitor clicks on a link and contact form pops up.
      2.You can require up to a phone number and call them if you want.
      3. Yes there is a moderation system in place.
      4 Nothing happens to the listing while it’s claim is under moderation.
      5. Yes

      Did you know that you can register a playground site on our server and fully test GeoTheme? If you decide to give it a try, keep in mind that the admin cannot claim businesses. So create a regular visitor user to try it.



  4. Hi,
    Want to know if there is any plan to separate business details from the listings. My use case requires me to be able to post more than one listings under 1 business. This will lead to duplication of data and will be unmanageable after a point. I would like to be able to overwrite the info at listing level, but it would be good to have a business entity separately for global changes.
    I am familiar with WP themes. I had earlier bought GeoPlaces theme and started to customize it for this requirement. After a couple of months of work I realized they came up with a new version and now I cannot upgrade to that without losing this functionality. So i’ve started looking at other options. Let me know if there is something of this sort already available in your theme or any plans in the near future.
    Few things for which I’ll rate your theme better(based on my playground experience and demo):
    1. Social Login/social integration in review section.
    2. Hierarchical locations.
    3. Better search
    4. Automatic Location detection.


  5. If I have a “Free” and a “Premium” listing type and I list a business using the “Premium” features, when the business claims the listing would the listing remain “Premium” or would it be downgraded to the “Free” listing?


  6. Is it possible to translate only the entire “add listing and add event pages into another language?” I want to be able to offer these pages in spanish for the claimers and keep the rest of the site (all the other pages, posts, etc) in english?

  7. I posted a simple question and my comment wasnt accepted. I even sent private email using contact form and nothing. It seems like you answer only the questions you “want” to answer.


  8. Hello,

    Taking a quick look at the demo, it looks like events have a claim feature as well as businesses. But it seems strange to have an event with a “business owner?” link. Is it possible to have 2 different versions? “Business owner?” “Is this your event?”

      • Yeah, I’ve actually seen this in a few of your showcase sites since I posted that. BTW, thanks for taking a good idea (geoplaces) and turning it into something that actually works :). The code Gods are pleased with you!

        Will be buying this today and getting back to work on a personal project that has been on hold :)

  9. We use CDYNE to automate claiming of listings via telephone. Do you have anything like this where a system will call the number listed on the account to verify the business via phone and pin code?

  10. Hi, I would like to ask one question/ feature- the business listing website becomes popular only if there are lot of business information pages and mostly no body will be interested to add their listing, in this case do you have option to upload/import bulk urls, as per the category based so that once uploaded all the meta information and the contact details of business listings are extracted.

    • There is an option to bulk upload CSV files of listings. I don’t understand whay you mean by : ” all the meta information and the contact details of business listings are extracted.”

  11. Hi-
    I am wondering if a “add listing” and “add event” “add place” by users/ guests can be disabled? If not can they be “hidden”?

    I am very interested in using your GT site as a city directory and would like to have admin control over what places/listings/events are on the site.
    There seems to be some confusion in the docs about the difference between listings and places.
    I think the user blog feature is great and will generate a social community around the site.


  12. Hi

    How can i get the value of “Status” field of a Place on Claim Listings System (example Approved, Reject,..) and display it on the Detail page? help me please.

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