The GeoTheme iOS white label framework, allows you to create an App for any of your GeoTheme sites* in just a few minutes. However , due to Apple standards on Apps development, there are few steps you will have to follow, before seeingĀ  your app fully working on your iPhone.

Things you will need :

  • GeoTheme version 3.3.9 or later
  • GeoTheme White Label App Framework
  • Intel Mac with Xcode 4 installed, Xcode 4 is a free software (Download )
  • Apple iOS developer account (99$ Year)
  • Image editor (eg: Photoshop)

In the following link, you can find the complete tutorial of all the steps you will have to compete in order to get your App into the app store.

App Tutorial

*Only for licence holder sites. App cannot be resold to any 3rd party.


  • No Multisite compatible
  • No WPML compatible
  • Only city and Everywhere location available, no country, region and city areasĀ  [Autolocation is of course available]