The iPhone app V2, compatible with iOs7, iPad, Iphone5 and with Push Notification is finally available! Go check it out here, or buy it in the pricing page

GeoTheme iOS App allows to create a native Directory App and fully take advantage of GeoTheme’s GeoLocation and Social Shopping services.

The built in API allows Mobile Apps interaction with your Web Site.

87 thoughts on “iOs App V2 – iPad/iPhone5

  1. Please keep me update with release date for white label app solution. Can you give me a ballpark on the time of release? Can I offer the town directories as native apps?

    • Hi Christian,
      iOs 1st alpha should be avail very very soon…
      Yes you’ll be able to offer town directories as native apps, but user will only be able to browser listings, perform normal and proximity searches, review + favourite places and events, but adding places or events won’t be possibile from the app.

    • Hello, any updates on the Android Apps?

      Also, will the Apple and Android Apps work off line and use GPS to help people who don’t have cell phone connection navigate to places? Many of our places are off the cell phone grid, so if users can use GPS navigation, the app will be a huge winner.



    • iOs should be there end of January. Android will follow, by end of February both should be available and stable!

    • Hello,
      you can customize and licence the compiled app as you like.
      You can’t redistribute, sell or share the framework to create the app, which is our copyright and won’t be GPL.

    • Hi Eitan,
      sorry for the delay, we had to release version 3 of the theme before launching the apps.
      This one should be the right week.

      • When should they be ready please? Next week? :) 😉 Seriously though, will they still be available and how long realistically should we expect to wait? Thanks.

        • The iOs app is ready since a loong time now, we are discussing how to release it. We needed to finish few other theme related things before that.
          Sorry about the delay.

  2. I’m seriously looking at your theme to run my regional business directory. It presently runs on phpMyDirectory with approximately 600,000 state business listings in over 3,000 business categories.
    Take a look at my site and see if would be suitable for your software program.

    1. Do you have any examples of largest directory sites running your program I could look at?

    2. What import tools are there to import data from my existing site?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Mark,
      number of listing is not going to make the site go slowler. Number of visitors only can reduce server performances.

      • Hey Paolo,

        I’m a little bit worried about the mobile App framework, are you sure that you will release the framework?

        I think a lot of people (including me) purchased Geotheme because of the Mobile App “Coming soon” option and you have been telling everybody for months that you will release it soon… by the end of the month… etc…

        So it would be kind if you set a formal release date!

        Keep the hard work!
        My best regards.

        • HI Jose,

          we sent the list of bugs and improvements that came out from beta testers to the developer today.
          Very short list, so it should be really soon.

          Don’t worry we will release it!



  3. Hi,

    Any idea on how much the apps will cost, and are there any plans to allow the adding of places?


    • we sent the list of bugs and improvements that came out from beta testers to the developer today. (july 11)
      Very short list, so it should be really soon.

      • Sweet! Can’t wait. I am just getting my website going and I think the apps will help it catch on better, I first used a theme called Vantage from Appthemes and it was missing an extreme amount of features. I’m very impressed with all of the features & options Geo Theme has.

          • Hello,
            I have a question,
            The Apple application may be customized with our own logos, images?. If that’s right. Our customers will be able to download the application as we have customized?. The only official means is Through The AppStore

          • App look and feel is determined by images and they are all into a unique folder. You simply replace them with what you want and the app is customized…
            Once you have customized and compiled the app you can submit it to appstore. Once approved your customer will be able to download it from there…

  4. Will the phone app work with a multisite installation – I have multiple child themes for different cities – when someone selects a city does it read the info from only the selected city? – thanks

  5. Guys is this released yet? Can;t wait really need it as we bought the theme based on the APP settings!

  6. What about Android app, it will be another price for android app or in this package android app is too?

  7. Have you thought for monthly payment?

    for example:

    25$ for month plus support?
    and plus some extra for monthly payment?

    • We are working on GT4 and a different app concept. We will release a statement soon about release date, but it will be at least a couple of months from now. Gt4 and the new app are supposed to be released together.

  8. I am planning on buy the iphone app and I would want you all to set it up for me as I don’t have a mac. where can I get that service done and apart from that any estimate time that the new app will be released soon?

  9. is there way to include sub cities i.e Hotels>City1 or City2 or City3>Listing

    If yes, can you show me a sample?

  10. I understand WorPress has some support for mobile browsing, but is there a GeoTheme mobisite theme, to take car for mobile browsing especislly for other mobile plartfomrs that will neithe be android or ios (for which there is and there will be apps)?

  11. After the GT4 is relaesed will it be easy for us to move (or update) our existing web sites to GT4? And after we moved to GT4 what will hapen to our existing ios apps of the same site that has moved to GT4? that are downloaded from many users to their iphones?

    • We will provide all tools needed to move on. once the transition made from GT3 to GT4, the old app will stop working and ppl will be forced to download the new app.

      • Hi Paoltaia,
        When do you plan to release GT4 ?
        Would GT4 include include both the Android and IOS apps? Just wanted to confirm.

        • 1st Gt4 will come. Should be by the end of the month. Than an updated app including both iOS and Android will be developed and released…

          • Excellent News…we want to launch Vegas Active Travel Guide in November 2013 as soon as the iphone App is live. Should we wait for the GT ver.4 and Android App to be launched? Can we expect the GT4 and android in Q1, 2014? Thanks..getting good reviews on GT..dario

  12. Hi there, I am considering buying the app, but I have found it to be slow and unstable on my iPhone 5, it crashes often. Is there bug fixes happening soon? Can some of the dat be cashed to speed up performance? If you load a business listing page that has photos, the photos don’t always show until you click on the next arrow. Just a bank space in slideshow area.

  13. Hello, I’m interested in buy the android app!
    when you think it will be available?

    • we are currently finishing the new framework for the directory. We turned into a plugin. Once we are done (currently we are polishing the alpha) we will inlcude the new APIs and work on a new Apps framework that will include all devices…. This should be ready by the end of the year.

  14. Hello, i’d like to buy GT for my new project. I want to use WPML pluging to translate it into Russian, the site will use both Russian and English languages. In future I want to buy IPhone and Android apps from your site, too. But I don’t know exactly, can these apps support both languages in this situation?
    P.S. Sorry for my bad English.

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