The iPhone App is finally available, current members can upgrade from their account page, while new users can buy it packaged with the theme for a discounted price.

Please visit the GeoTheme iOS APP page for all information about it!

59 thoughts on “iOs App + Push Notifications

  1. The iPhone app looks fantastic! Would this app work ok on an iPad? And are there any plans to offer the same for Android etc?

  2. Hi There – I’ve just been test-driving the app (pretty cool) keep up the good work guys.

    I have a question – can the app be searchable from the main 1st menu (i.e. in with Favs/Browse/Location/Acc Settings/About

    I noticed you can only search when in a specific category and it only searches the category you are currently in.
    I think this would make the app a lot more friendly.


    • Hi Carl,

      thanks for the kind words! Not in this version which is the very first, but we are open to suggestions from our customers and we will keep improving it.



  3. Hi, you can do this app work same with GeoPLACES theme? Really many users on the GeoPlaces forum have a lot interest for this and also you can publish your work on the GP forum.

    • Impossibile. People using GeoPlaces who are interested in our app must buy GeoTheme and dump GeoPlaces.
      Not only they could use the iOS app, but they would finally have a secure site, becuase GeoPlaces 4 is even less secure than GeoPlaces 3.
      We keep an eye on their updates and the most severe security holes are still there 1 1/2 year after we told them about it and they added more which are even worst… lol

        • Pls read our about page. We told them almost 2 years ago when we were trying to use it too.
          Anyone using GeoPlaces can find his server hacked very very easily and they dot seem to be able to fix it.

  4. can you elaborate about security holes of geoplaces?
    i am interested of geotheme but also was taking a look for geoplaces….

  5. hi i use geoplaces and i am about to move to geotheme because of its features…
    it would be nice to tell what are the security risks..
    you just say it has security problems…its very general…
    your theme is 10x better than geoplaces but i think that telling geoplaces has security issues without telling where, is not so good!

    • GeoPlaces allows anyone to take full control of the server where the theme is hosted. How? If we say it they may fix i and it goes against our interest. Send me a link to your GeoPlaces site and I’ll demonstate it.

    • I’m not sure if it is because of Geoplaces or what, but my website was hacked last week. I still haven’t got my website back up, which is very distressing. Once I get my data sorted I will seriously be considering changing themes. That’s my 2 cents worth.

  6. Hi, just wondering whether you know of any sites already using the iPhone app so I can have a look at a working example.

    Also, how is the Android version coming along?

  7. Will it pick up the Hotels, Spas Restaurants within a region by itself. How can one monetize your theme, by using either goggle ads or banners from clients? I like what I see, but how difficult is it to setup? Thanks Max.

    • Hi, GeoTheme is not a scraper. You or the site visitors have to submit the listing to create the database.
      Monetization comes from premium listings and eventually ads.
      The theme features many many options so there is a learning curve to take into consideration and its setup requires some work.

  8. thanks, since there will be one solution for both, what will happen to those who bought the existing IOS solution. will they buy again the new solution (which will work for both IOS and android) or freely update or download the it?

  9. Hi,
    just to be sure, cause i want to buy this now.
    Will i be getting the android solution for free after i buy the IOS solution?

    Ready to buy, waiting for clarification

  10. Can the app (with additional coding/or a link button) support linking to other pages/features on my site? ie News/blog page.
    Can GT be integrated to another calendaring app (Timely)
    Can GT be used only as a section of a WP site/multisite, allowing common user management for other site features?

  11. I am developing a couple of sites using geothemes and plan to also buy the app when we are done with the sites. We have alot of custom fields on the sites. Will they show up on the iphone app and is there a filter option within categories on the iphone app ? Under restaurants we we have over 10 filters (pet friendly / outside dining etc)

    Thanks very much.

    • yes custom field will appear, no there are no special filters on the app.
      You’d have to custromize the xCode and Theme APIs to achieve something similar.

  12. Do you have any update on the release date of the android/iphone apps?. How are they related (these new mobile versions) with the new GT version 4?. I mean.. will the version 4 be a requierement for the android/iphone apps?

  13. I have a Geotheme multisite right now, to allow for different languages of the same site. I am interested in making an app from just the English version of the site. Is this possible?

    Also, is the app a reflection of what’s on the website, or can I make some categories only available in the app (to encourage buying the app, instead of getting the same information for free from the site)?

    Thank you

    • Hi, the app works with the theme database, so you cannot make categories visible only from the app. In addition the app works only with wordpress single site install. It is not multisite ready.

  14. Will the app work w/ buddy press? If not, will it have a follow feature? IMO, the follow feature is very important to keep users sticky on any listing updates etc..

    • Hi, the answer is no to both questions. The app simply work with default GeoTheme options. Any plugin you add will not affect the app.
      Also there is no follow feature, but there is a favourite feature. Users can save their favourite and browse them also when offline.

    • Core plugin beta is ready and by the end of tomorrow we will release it to current member. Addons will follow one or more per day (there are 11 so far).

  15. Hi-
    I’m developing a city directory and find your site can do pretty much everything I need. A couple of questions about the app.

    I assume the normal GT workflow is to develop the website first – then develop the app (as the app uses the website database)?

    Will the app display vouchers?

    Re vouchers- can I create an image (photoshop or indesign .jpg) that functions as the voucher- I seems like the only part of the voucher that changes is the “number of vouchers remaining” count?

    Thanks in advance

    bronco bill

    • Hi,
      GeoTheme doesn’t include any vouchers option.
      There is a 3rd party addon called GT Vouchers that allows busines owners to provide downloadable vouchers, but none of the addons have any effect on the iOS app.
      Thank you,

  16. hi, just curious if android app is still under development or if it’s been scrapped. Any updates would be great.


    • Hi,
      It is still under construction. We had to delay it again, because the developer who was working on it failed to complete it. However it is really almost finished and we decided to finish it ourself after we release GeoDirectory.
      April should be the month for it’s release.

      • Great! Thanks for the update. I know it’s been a long battle and I appreciate your efforts on keeping it going.

        Look forward to continued success with GeoTheme!

  17. Hi
    I am about to buy the GT ios7 app. Apple is expected to announce an ios8 beta at the WWDC keynote on Monday.
    Will we be getting an update for the app by the time ios8 is released? Will it be free for owners of the ios7 app?


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