Site admin and verified place owners can see Google analytics stats displayed on details page’s sidebar.

They can always check how their pages are performing on the spot!

8 thoughts on “Google analytics for place owners

  1. hi there
    we like to ask how easy is to migrate from templatic geoplaces.

    is the export and bulk upload work like a charm?

    do u have any documendation guideline how to migrate?

    • it all depends on the version of GeoPlaces. From version 3 is easy to migrate, while from version 4 you will have to start with a clean database.

  2. When I am logged in as admin I am not seeing the stats. Am I missing something? Thanks!

  3. What can I do to appear stats? I always get this message: “Google Analytics (Last 30 Days)”
    No Stats Yet” Where can I set up the correct settings?

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