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49 thoughts on “GeoTheme V3 – Responsive

    • Very soon, it’s still in beta and we are clearing the short bug list reported by beta tester. Once is stable enough we release it officially and change demo and playground.
      Should be within this week, max beggining of next.

  1. I have geo places and very interested in your geotheme instead. I’m having tons of issues now that my site is live. How stable is your site compared to my geo-places. And are you guys going to keep improving geo-theme in the years coming? Last question how much will it cost me to have you guys install my data
    on my geo places theme to your geo-theme?

    • Hi,

      we developed GeoTheme because we were unhappy templatic customers too. GeoTheme is very stable and all security bugs have been cleared up.
      We also included a places convert tool, for people migrating from GP to GT, which means you probably won’t need any help.
      You will only have to setup prices (which are handled differently) and location settings.



  2. if i purchase the 85.00 software does the mobile version come with the desktop version? if not what do i need to do to get the mobile version?

    • With 85$ you get the theme which is responsive so it is mobile compatibile. If you prefer to have the iOS app you have to buy the iOS App package.

  3. I presently own a state-wide business directory (ohiobiz.com) containing approximately 500,000 listing and 5000 SIC categories. How difficult would it be to set this up using your theme – particularly importing CSV files? Would you recommend one large db for the whole state or splitting the state up into 5 regional databases – like I have now with phpmydirectory? Thanks so much?

    • Hi,
      the only challenge I see, is visually configure the theme to accomodate that many categories. Having one or 5 DB wont change anything, unless you have 5 db servers.

  4. Hi,

    Does this theme allow me add a plug-in for booking hotels and attractions perhaps? I live in a city where businesses, i.e. hotels do not have their own websites. I am planning to host a booking site inside the business directory WP theme, and ping the booking details over to the hotel owners,or something like that… I am new to all these so i need as much information I can get if possible.

    Thank you so much.

  5. Hey There! I’m really interested about Your product! I like to know is it possible to change all of the front-end words/paragraphs to a custom language if I dig into the code?

    Please let me know!

    Thank You!

    Best Regards

  6. Is the child theme responsive?

    Also can you turn off features just only in responsive mode?

    Meaning can I turn off certain features when the user views the site in a responsive format such as mobile smartphones.

    • Yes it is responsive.
      Responsiveness is achieved through media queries and css. You can show/hide or resize elements. So you can show a button on desktop and hide it on mobile.
      You can’t add or remove features.

  7. hi how many listings can this theme handle? when does the system start slowing down?
    I was told about 2000 listing but what if I have 10,000 listings? what do you recommend

  8. Hello,
    This is a followup to my previous email. I really want to purchase Geo Theme but need customization as I mentioned. You stated that I could hire a dev to customize the theme for me from the Support Forum. How do I get access to the Forum?

    Thanks again.

  9. How can I test out this template when I don’t have WordPress. I don’t have MySQL or PHP on my computer.

    I plan to use a hosting service but do not want to contract before I decide on a template.

    • Hi, wordpress.com handles million of blogs and billion of posts with a single wordpress install.

      They do have 1500 servers though…

      It’s not about the software, it’s about the server and how optimised they are…

  10. I purchased a previous version in 2011 or 2012 (can’t remember, lol) I would like to upgrade to the new responsive version – do I just re-purchase it, or do you have a different offer for previous customers wanting to upgrade?

  11. Hello,

    I would like to purchase GeoTheme for a global wedding places and worldwide wedding service directory. My existing URL has a Google page rank of 4/10, so I need to place some static pages with text and keywords on the new GeoTheme website to preserve some of our existing SEO and save some of our hard-earned page rank. Is this possible without doing a lot of complicated website development? Additionally, is there an existing child theme which offers more category options for example: ceremony locations, reception sites, musicians, florists, caterers, photographers, officiants, etc?

    Thanks for your help!

  12. Hi!
    When I try the demo in Internet Explorer on my Windows Phone 8 I get the following message: “Message from Webpage Location detection not supported in browser”

    Is there a solution to this?



  13. we purchased the geotheme plugin a few months ago. Right now geotheme says it is mobile responsive. How do we go about integrating this into our site? Considering we have been using the plugin for a few months.

    Please advise.

    • GeoTheme is responsive since version 3.2 which was released in august 2012. I see your website isn’t responsive, because of how it has been customized.
      You need to ask to whoever did the css work, to also take care of the mediaqueries part of the css, which is what make a theme responsive or not.

  14. Which data input and export options are available in geotheme, and how can additional company data fields be added? I looked at your video tutorials and didn’t notice this being discussed.


  15. What’s involved in modifying geotheme to support adding key company contacts and their direct contact information to each company listing?

  16. How I can enable this option in geotheme –
    I will add many hotels in hotel page and only paid members can give rate and review those hotels.

    If it be possible then I want to perches this theme.


    • HI, GeoTheme allows anyone to rate and review places. You’ll have to find a compatible membership plugin that will protect comments addition from non paying members.
      I don’t know of any available though.

  17. I have a license I am not using for businessfaves.com it has 30 days left for support. Can I sell it? Anyone want to buy it? I can throw in free hosting for 6 months with it. I just need to do another project with the domain.

  18. I am a novice and would like to concentrate on business reviews and ratings in Asia. Two questions. Can a novice operate this without hiring outside programmers and do you have hosting? If not, what do I need to look for in a hosting company? Thank you.

    • Hi KC,

      #1 Yes, it takes a bit of learning but our support videos should help you achieve most things without the need for a developer.
      #2 We do not do hosting, if you are serious about the site i would at least start of with a VPS, most LAMP VPS will do the job fine.

  19. Hi There,

    I am very interested to purchase your $85 theme and customise it. Is the $85 once-off fee, monthly or annually? What happens after your 6 months maintenance? How much will I have to pay should I still need your help? This looks like 2013 Template, do you have a recent one or will I have to upgrade – at how much? I will appreciate your quick reply. Regards

    • Hi,

      $85 will entitle you the theme licence GPL which will never expire and 6 months of free updates and support. Once expired you can renew for another 6 months of support and updates for $47.

      We are designing a new child theme that we hope to release soon.


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