GeoLocation can be set by default, new visitors will be asked wheather they want to share their location with the application and take advantage of the Geolocation features.

Else GeoLocation can be triggered by user while browsing locations or searching.

User who share their position will be automatically redirected to the closest city and will be able to perform proximity searches.

Geolocation features can be fully experienced using the mobile apps.

78 thoughts on “Geolocation for both web and mobile Apps

  1. Hi
    Is there a mobile child theme for GeoTheme? Judging from the demo, the main theme does not appear to be optimized for mobile devices.

    • Hi Paul,
      iOs App is on it’s way and the Android App will follow. (within days)
      We decided to work with apps rather than responsiveness of the site. In the future we may decide to create a responsive child theme.
      But first Apps will come.

  2. So how will the iOS app work?

    If a user clicks through to one of my pages from Google, using an iPhone, will the theme sniff that they are on a mobile device and present the same page, but optimized for mobile?

    • HI, it’s impossibile to do that.
      What can be done is what other major sites do, like facebok.
      When they detect that site is browsed by a certain device, they present you with a message that is possibile to download the app for better site usage.
      But this isn’t built in with GeoTheme, as we can’t know if you have the app or not, so it’s something that can be implemented as an addon.

      • I see, so it’s not a web app, but an actual downloadable application that we would need to get into the app store? Hmmm… is your theme optimized for mobile browsers? If not, do you have plans to do this?

        If not, do you know any plugins that would play well with all the custom post types and display properly?

        Having a seamless mobile experience is important for a directory site and pushing them to download an app would be missing out on opportunities.

        • We will develop a responsive child theme after the release of both apps.
          For that we can’t give a timeline.

          • The responsive child theme will be extremely valuable to me, more so than the app for most of my directories.

  3. I’m considering purchasing this theme, however, I saw mobile apps are coming, is this included or separate?

  4. Really interested in this theme and the apps. Please let me know when you are launching the apps.

  5. I’m really curious about this themes. Can you let us know about how it looks like. Do we need to pay more?

  6. Hi,
    I like this theme very much. have a few questions;
    1) will user’s location be automatically identifid per IP address when one on the site? I tried the playground and found it can’t find my city. 2) will other general wordpress plugin work wih this site? I would like to add a question& answer plugin to allow visitor to ask questions
    3) the signup is optional to visitor to search on the site, is that right


    • Hi,
      1) yes geolocation works like that, but probably your city isn’t listed in the playground (we listed only 2 cities as example, Philadelpiha and Glasgow)
      2)most plugin works fine with GeoTheme, but we can’t guarantee the all will work. Some may create some conflicts.
      3)signup is needed only to list new places and events. Search is public.

      • Thank you for your reply. I have one more question

        form your data in question 1, I figure that we have to input all location in order to get the map function. before I have enough clients list on my directory, is there a way just link to current google places to get the data from there?

  7. Can I buy now only geotheme and later buy and add iPhone App?

    Would it create any problems, such as – redesign the site, add data again etc?


  8. Hi !
    Is there a way to geo-locate a user in the homepage map? I mean, the map zoom where the user is…

      • Thanks for informations.
        So, if i understand well, i’ll need to create a lot of city to having something like that?
        But it’s impossible to list all cities, so how it works during creating listing? The listing will be link to what?
        Do you have a solution to simulate this geo-location?

  9. Hello,

    Planning on purchasing this. Have a few quick questions:

    1) What’s the ETA on having the geolocate working on the responsive app?
    2)) if geo locate will be available on responsive, will it have features where it will go down to actual location., and suggest highest rated content based on the exact location?
    3). Will #2 work in mobile app that way, as well?

    These are show stoppers for me.


    • Hi Geolocation works on responsive, but it’s linked to user IP, doesn’t use GPS, so it locates user current city, not precise location.
      The mobile app uses GPS.


  10. Hi,

    Great work with this theme, it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for! Question regarding geolocation though, is it possible to allow users to “check in” to places? …this probably applies to profiles as well, but I’m curious if this is possible with this theme…

    Thanks for your great work!

  11. Hi,
    I want to purchasing this, but i have a question, is possible to put a booking hotel- and fly plug in?
    If possible to put video media plug in in the directory contact information search?

    I mean in the theam and the app


    • Hi,
      you can probably use an affiliate widget from portals like or expedia.
      I don’t think there is anything built for wordpress that could let you do that otherwise.
      Videos can be added to places in the website. They will not appear on the app though.

  12. Hi Paulo,
    i’m interested on geotheme. i want to know if i buy the theme with two child themes, all of them support mobile device? That is when users browse my site through mobile browser, they can see geotheme in mobile version?

  13. In this theme the GeoLocation this is a plugin?

    I need a theme with and advance search options with Geolocation.

    Thanks for you help!

  14. I like the theme but I have a question.

    1. Is Geotheme auto load the content base on visitor IP, or they have to sign in their nearest city?
    2. Are return visitor will be direct to the city or region or country last time they visited? or they have to signin again to get to the same place last time they visit? (As I notice in Craigslist if I select Philadelphia and then when I return it direct me to Philadelphia, it will direct me to the place last time I visit if using the same IP). Is this the same?

    • Hi,

      if visitor click on share your location alert that pops up when 1st visiting the site, he’ll be directed to the city which is closest to his location.

      That’s it.


  15. Hi,

    I am interested in using the Pinpoint feature of your theme, but I do not see how to implement this in the playground. What am I overlooking?



    • That feature is simple, if there is a map widget in the sidebar of the category pages, when clicking on pinpoint the map will show where the place is.
      Thank you

  16. Is Android app available for GeoTheme? In your video tutorials you cover ios app. If not when will be available and what is cost. If I buy the GeoTheme app upgrade will the android and ios be bundled together?

    • Android app is on its way. No, the iOS package will not include the Android app.
      We hope to release it by the end of the month.

    • Hi,
      please only post in the support forum for help with both the theme and apps. The comment system wasn’t built to provide support.

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