GeoTheme features a built in extended profile system that allows to upload an Avatar or grab it from Facebook or Twitter.

Users can add many more details, which can be displayed thru a widget.

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    • Yes to both questions.
      Buddypress ready child theme is sold as an addon.
      The demo and playground are based on multisite.

  1. Hello Geotheme!

    I am really enjoying your product. I’m new to wordpress / geotheme, so I was wondering if you could direct me to the extended user profile widget. I want my users to be able add a picture to their avatar. Could you let me know as soon as

    Thank you!


  2. Can the user make friends with another user. And can they have statistic like how many reviews they have?

  3. Hi, is it possible to hide contact details to not registred users ?

    So they have to pay to see thoses informations ?

    if not, Will eMember from tips&tricks do the job ?
    My question is : If a user pay the fee on your form, he will see the locked content from eMember ?

    Better if your theme could handle this. Any idea welcome.

    And congrat..

    • hi,

      that’s not how the theme works. You would have to use a membership plugin (no idea about eMember) and modify the template too.



  4. Hi! Is there a page where signed up users can be shown .. like a member/subscriber directory?

    Perhaps something that can be added to wordpress generally and made to work with the theme?

    Use case is enabling registered users to see each other and their profiles


    • You can do that by simply adding buddypress to your GeoTheme powered site. There is a buddypress ready child theme available on theme tailors.
      Thank you,

    • Vincent Turner, were you able to make this happen with buddypress, or any other way to have access to search members??

    • There are plugins that can be used for that, but I never personally tested them. Cubepoints and achievements are the one I’ve heard about. GT doesn’t provide gamification out of the box.

  5. Hi,

    Can i allow non registered user to see the place but with some filed hidden like name or email; and this field are visible if that user logs?

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