With extended General and Design Settings you have control over every single part of the framework.

Here you can set you custom logo and favicon. Define the skin you prefer and create your directory Geo settings.

So many option, yet so simple, you will be blown away!

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    • V3 still in beta… we will switch in playground once v3 is stable. Probably beginning of next week…

    • Hi, a theme cannot be integrated into another theme.
      But you could create a GT child theme designed identically to your existing theme.

  1. Here is my Question for your guys, please let me know what you think about it.

    One of my client wants to build world level Local business search engine in which first country will be selected, then state, then city, is this available in your theme ? Is there a way you can modify theme as per my clients requirements or i have to hire some one at my end ?

    Would be great if you can Email me complete details of what i have asked for.

  2. Since many businesses have different hours for weekdays, weekends, etc. how easy would it be to modify the custom post type to let places/businesses set hours by day of the week?

    • Hi,

      you have to option to add any type of custom fields, both in submit page and business detail page.



  3. I’m checking out your demo and its exactly what I’m looking for except that instead of a map on the homepage, I need it to look like a magazine website.
    can your customization team modify this for me?

    • Tim Florendo above has already asked whether u can replace the Map on homepage with say a sliding banner of similar size.

      I assume that I can remove the map and create my own banner (I know html and CSS) and it wont mess somehow with the functionality of site? Looking at your new App for phones too.

      Btw amazing work :)

  4. Need a business search engine in which first country will be selected, then state, then city, is this available in your theme ? Is there a way you can modify theme as per my requirements or would I have to hire some one at my end ?

    Would be great if you can Email me complete details of what i have asked for.

    • Becuase that’s the closest city to you on the database. If you create your playground and create your city as a location, you’ll see the difference.
      Thanks for testing.

  5. Is it possible for the admin to have an override for the phone numbers on the business listings?

    Basically, can an admin over-ride the business owners provided number with an alternative phone number without directly changing the phone number in the business owners account?

    Reason being, I’d like to implement a forward number and track calls.


  6. Is there a plugin that emails a contact when an admin adds their site to the database inviting them to come claim it? I had that on a prior directory script and found it to be extremely useful.

  7. I have a query, I was playing around with a few of the sites in your showcase and it occurred to me that there wasn’t much weighting given to Featured Listings on the site. Would there be a way to have featured listings appear at the top of a search (as long as they are within a certain distance)? I would think that if you have paid for a featured listing you would want a greater visibility than free listings.

  8. Hi,
    I want my search results to be displayed according to the DISTANCE from the “SEARCH query” like nearest distance first and so on.
    Right now they are just appearing on random basis.

    Where can I change this?


  9. we wish to have a site that has various levels of adviertisers…platinum, gold and silver and have them grouped as such in the specific category (shops, dining, etc)… this theme able to to that?

    • No, you can have as many prices as you wish, but only featured and non featured listing. 2 levels of grouping… Not one for each price created.

  10. Hi,
    In a category with sub-category, Is it possible to prevent from posting an listing in the main category?

  11. We have facebook pages for each of our restaurants that we update statuses for daily. We want to use your theme to show all the restaurants, but we would like the updates to pull off of our Facebook walls automatically once we update them. Is it possible for us to log-in with Facebook as a “business owner” for each venue and have the status updates pull from Facebook? Or another way would be to insert our RSS feed from Facebook into the business listing in your theme- would either of these work? Let me know if this doesn’t make sense. Thank you!!!

  12. Hi, one question.
    Place Tags is it own taxonomy in a way right?
    Would it be easy to duplicate “Place Tags”, rename…
    and make a new “Place Features”?

    Example: For making two or more Tag categories.
    1. Place Tags
    2. Place Features
    3. Food Type

    • You can change the dummy data location name from the manage city menu. When you 1st install GeoTheme, if you don’t insert dummy data, the locations will be empty, so you can start from there and add only Canadian locations.

  13. Hi,

    When I click on Mysite, I get the following message:
    “Sorry this page has been disabled in the playground for security”

    How can I know how the site will look when I make a change. The playground setting in not helping me to get the feel of your software.

    I want to use your software for my city directory.


  14. Can users upload pics from their phone?
    Can the uploaded pics be featured as a main pic?

    If so, where on the page do the uploaded pic show up (reviews)?


  15. Do you have to list every location? I’m wanting to go global with this site, is there a way to punch in a zip code and have it automatically recognize the location? I just purchased the theme today because it said it was possible to be global.

    My next question, do the taxonomies need to be set for global? For instance, Earth, country, State or Province, county, township, city… Is there enough levels to do this with? Can the custom categories do this?

    • hi, yes all locations need to be entered by site admin. GT4 will come with global db of locations.
      I don’t understand the second question though…

  16. Can GT be used only as a section of a WP site/multisite, allowing common user management (within WP users) and integration with other site features (other WP themes/plug-ins)?
    In other words, so I can add another community feature such as classifieds.

    • If you wish to display classifieds on the maps, that would require extensive customizations. If you only wish to add section on the site with classified listings, that is totally feasible.

  17. Can custom fields be set so the user cannot change/delete their original answer… like locking referred by/or affiliated with.
    Can custom (and displayable) fields be added that only an Admin can edit?
    I want to add acknowledgement like “verified member of”

  18. I tried GeoTheme on a platform of my friend and before I purchase a license for a project of my own I would like to ask some questions first.

    I would require the option to have ‘tabs’ within the listing itself, just like this WordPress plugin listing here >
    showing ‘Description’ – ‘Installation’ – ‘FAQ’ – ‘Screenshots’ – etc…., so the listing does not get to long and can be separated into multiple pages instead.

    Is this somehow possible or Is there a plugin available which works with GeoTheme out of the box already?
    I tried ACF and many other plugins, but without success. I like ACF’s functions and it even shows the created custom fields when you edit a place in the back-end (not in front end though), but they where unresponsive.

    I would also like the option to have a ‘pop-up’ link on the right side along with the business information. Just like the website link of a listing, but opening a pop-up window instead and showing a document or picture.

    Could the tabs be limited to a certain amount per package id as well?

    Can the description text on a free listing be limited?

    Can Google+ and other Social Platforms be added besides the already existing FaceBook and Twitter implementation?

    Thanks for answering so many question in advance.

    • Hi,

      all you are requesting is feasible through customizations. However we don’t provide help nor we are available for hire for such things. The theme is 100% open source and any freelance developer can help you with this mods if you need help achieving what you are after.


  19. Can admin approve new free listings?

    When user submit new place the listing is published.
    Is there possibility the default status for new listing to be Status: Pending review?

    If yes, how and where the admin can change these settings?

  20. Testing, and wondering, can the menu items and modules for Events, Hotels, Attractions, etc…be removed? We only want the template for Restaurant ratings and reviews.
    Thanks in advance!

    • HI,
      we have never tested any plugins to integrate classifieds, but unless you want to heavily integrate classifieds into GeoTheme maps and locations, I think it is absolutely feasible.

  21. Is there an ability to display sub categories such as Restaurants


  22. Can I use it for Farsi language which is rtl ?
    Do I need to translate it by myself?
    Does CSS support rtl ?

    • Yes, you can translate it to any language. Translation has to be done by you. WordPress supports RTL, but there could be few css adjustment to be made in order to make it look perfect.
      Thank you,

  23. Can you suggest the domain hosting requirements for the plugin to run smoothly? Along those same lines, will a shared server be sufficient assuming a modest level of site traffic? Thanks

    • Hi, you need a LAMP server capable of running wordpress. For a modest level of traffic a shared hosting could be a bit slow, but ultimately do the job.

  24. Hi I can see a boxed version only, is it possible to change the layout to a fullscreen layout?

    Is it possible to make the map widget as wide as the screen limits, so that it scales to the outer dimensions of the screen?

    kind regards

    • Hi,
      there is no backend option to switch from boxed to full width. However with a little css knowledge and some time, anything can be done.
      The map can be extended as you want.

  25. hi, love the theme, but a few questions:-

    1. The background image is currently set to green, can i replace with my own background image, if so where can I locate the setting?

    2. font color of the title in listing, font color or theme, are all those customizeable and if so where are they located at?


  26. Hi,
    I had a query regarding the theme.I want just the display of Indian map on the homepage and not the world map(Therefore I don’t want to manage countries).

    1) I only wish to manage the regions(basically states) and not cities as I need this theme for showcasing secluded and Off the track places.

    All i want is that I select a region/state and the map shows me all the listings of that particular region and also while adding listing it should ask me region and not the city.

    Awaiting Urgent reply!!

    • Hi, GeoTheme allows to set the map only for 1 country no problem.
      Instead of using a regular setup (country/regions/cities), you can simply use (country/cities) and use the cities to list your regions.
      In the language files you can rename the wording City to whatever you like.
      It will work just fine.

  27. Hi is there a way to search and filter on multiple attributes , for instance, say the directory is a town directory, one of the parent categories could be local, ie like downtown, west side, east side, north side, another parent categories would be places to eat, ie Mexican, Chinese, Indian. Could I select downtown and then select Chinese. and only see results that meet those criteria.


  28. Hi, I am looking to put a slideshow into the header area, and have tried through the customization panel, however have been unable to get it to work. Would you be able to walk me through it?
    Thank you.

  29. its possible shot down the slider-carrousel of the event-details page? i want to use the single thumbnails images

  30. Say i want to setup a local Search Business directory, in my country…
    – Do i get backend access, such as the code access to modify and control the functionality at my desire.
    – Is the database setup to contain my data?
    – What are the restrictions after purchase.

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