All maps have been totally rewritten for best performances and can be now open in full screen by clicking on the top-left corner icon.

Geo Theme harness the power of Google Maps V3 API to provide exceptional Geolocation experiences.

Marker information pulled through ajax calls, grants impressive page loading time even with thousands of places to display.

The home page map widget offers an ajax search form to play with!

Admins now have the option to disable streetview and mousewheel scroll zoom in home page map.

If you need to reduce map interactivity to improve site browsing capabilities now you are in total control!

37 thoughts on “Expandable Google Map V3 with Ajax markers

  1. Hi, nice work. Thanks. is there any chance to add lines or polygons instead of points. Forexaple I want to add a national park as as a polygon (not a point) with the post. is it possible?



  2. Hi there!
    Is there any solution to assign a place or event to more than one category groups?
    – I mean, separate categories groups, for example restaurant with jazz music (from kind of music cattegory group), and italian food (from kind of food cattegory group)?
    Surely it doesn’t looks clear 😉 but hope you know what i have on my mind.

  3. Hi there,

    Is there a way to have the map items/listings that show up for an area automatically display in a teaser listing format below the map and linked to their main page listing?

    Similar to when you do a search on Google maps, to the left is a results list of the items that are marked on the map.

    Thanks and let me know.

    • To clarify, this would be for a home page or main page format…in a horizontal format with the larger map at the top and the listings below it.

      I notice you have a category or subpage format with a map in the right sidebar and the listings to the left.


  4. Hello, so glad to have found your theme.

    I believe that your theme will work well as the directory I need for a project that inspires an atmosphere of “open appreciation,” and the acts and offers that come with it, in local communities across the United States.

    The only concern that I have is the limit to access the Google Maps API, before there is a charge. If I am successful in this project, I have no doubt that I will, fairly quickly, exceed what I understand is 25 thousand calls a day. That is, if I understand what this means, correctly.

    This is not a non-profit project but its purpose is to benefit non-profits. As such, it is not a high profit project. It is how I plan to continue to eat. :-) So, this is a serious matter that I must be prepared to address.

    I read a response to this same concern, somewhere on your website, where you indicated that you could quote what it would take to use Open Street Map, I think, instead. Is this still possible, to get a quote, and if not, is it a workable situation if I were to hire someone else to do this with your theme?

    Also, in the long run, if I have tens of thousands of listings and millions of users, and it works for me to create different directories for every state or a region of states, do separate directories make better sense for usability, speed, or anything else?

    I know that breaking down the directory in this way goes against the great capabilities that you’ve built in, but I am concerned about performance and maintaining a large, single database.

    Thank you. And best wishes on continued success for this excellent product.

    • Hi Barbara,
      GeoTheme is 100% open source so any experienced developer could do what you requested. We are currently not available for customizations though.
      Using wordpress for very big databases and especially for high traffic sites is possibile, but it requires powerful and scalable clustered servers. With the right architecture you can do anything.

    • GeoTheme uses lat and long coordinates and google maps. Business address are not scraped from google, but are all to be added on your site database, doesn’t matter if they are listed on google or not.

  5. Is it possible to have numbered pins in the map matching numbered items listed in the table?

  6. Is it possible to have images as markers using thumbnail images linked to full images uploaded by visitors?

  7. Hello some user of
    another business directory wp script
    took from Google a message like this:

    To avoid violating the Google Maps policy
    Dear friends, we have been investing a lot of time to adapt the theme to a local directory, if your issue violates the property rights of Google Maps API must be migrated to open street map or similar and provide this update to prevent conplicaciones, I appreciate your prompt response.
    For faster issue resolution please provide:
    URL to your website:

    I want to ask if your script it’s ok about the use of the Google maps api

    Thanks a lot

    • Hi, the only reason why you would be violating google maps policiy with our script is that you start making over 30k requests per day for 90 consecutive days. In that case they will start billing you, but at the same time it would mean you have a monster site, certainly capable of paying out what google reuires.

  8. Hi there,
    The installed Google Map V3 with Ajax marker feature widget is not there at the back end? We have Google Map V3 maps for these maps markers will not come?

  9. Hi,
    how can I change the categories listed on google map with new categories created by me?


  10. Hi
    Your theme looks great. In the playground- I set a new city in “manage city” as default- now there is no map showing on the site home page. Map shows in new listing dialog.
    The wheel just spins and spins?


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