You can now add category specific sorting options and create custom filters for listings pages.

For example you can sort listings randomly, alphabetically, by ratings or reviews other than newest of course.

You can create specific custom filters, such as price, or for any feature a place may have.

Hotels could be filtered if they have a Swimming pool or a parking for example. Of for Restaurant that accept credit cards or have a smoking area.

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    • Hi Archie,
      thanks for linking the post, we did not notice it and it’s always flattering to read kind words from our members.
      We do our best to help members get all the info they need to go live with their site and start making money with it.
      Also the community is very supportive and many members are avail to help each other, when someone asks for help.
      Hope to see you browsing around the forum soon!

  1. Hi, came across your website while doing research on a city directory wordpress template. Lucky I found you guys as I had almost purchased GeoPlaces but read multiple review on why GeoThemes is better. Just curious, what does $85 get me, where can I look at all the additional modules and their prices that I may need. Also if I purchase now, what wil happen when your new pricing comes into play for the mobile apps etc???


    • Hi,
      85$ is the cost for the theme and 1 year of updates and support.
      You can have a look at addons here:
      For the apps, current member willing to help us beta test can get up to 50% discount, so current members always enjoy the best price.

    • Demo is running on GeoTheme with no extra addon. When you buy Theme, that’s what you are getting.

  2. just wanna ask other question..

    okay, i want to start a local directory for ex: contractors, and i want to make the payment for listing there is about 5 usd a month and can i make an option for it to be either one time payment , two or three month payment or even recurring payment??

    can i change the payment unit to my country currency? for example RM instead of USD ?

    is all the included in the 85 USD ??

  3. Hi,

    Not completely sure on the best place for this questions, but hoping you can confirm this …

    Can a client upload more than one image to their listing? Is it possible to add this as an option to charge for more images to be added?



  4. Can you add areas of listings that owners cannot edit but can be input in admin? I have a badge or rating for each company that I’d don’t want them to be able to edit.

    Can each company add their product listings, company history, etc? And could this info be added to filter search?

    I want to be able to customize listings to make it a mini site almost for each company.

    Can I do this?

    • Yes you can add badges and disable owner from editing reviews.
      For the rest you have to customize the site and we don’t offer support for customization.
      But being 100% open source you can do basically whatever you want.

  5. is there a way to make sure featured/premium/paid listings will always float to the top among a specific search when the lists are displayed initially? I realize there is a way to sort the data after the search results come up, but I want to make sure featured listings can be setup to ALWAYS show first.

      • That’s a shame, that feature is something that I am seeking in a directory theme. I would have assumed that to be a standard feature in a directory theme. I suppose a theme can’t do all things for all people, but in time, features will be added that are not obvious today but will be tomorrow. Just like seat belts in cars were not so long ago considered an unnecessary expense.

        • 2 queries must be performed to achieve that and you would ahve to split featured and non featured, it would make the site slow… as simple as that…

          • I’m looking for the same thing… so far GeoTheme ticks all the boxes for me except this one, so…

            Is it possible to have the featured listings with a separate custom field and have the default search results display on that custom field?

  6. Follow-up from Andrew’s question. The feature says that there ‘category specific sorting options’ as the owner of the site does that make it possible that listings could show up sorted according to price paid for the listing? That would satisfy the requirement that the most featured listing appear on top.

    The user may then resort according to the other sorting options. Is this possible? This is very important feature for the city directory owner.

    • Featured listing appear on top ONLY if default sorting option is selcted by the site admin.
      Having featured on top with any other sorting option is selected or when a search by proximity is perdormed, is not possibile. It would require multiple queries I’m sorry.

      • … so if I understand correctly, default sorting can be as ‘featured’. It’s just when a visitor selects another option that this wont work?

        That’ll work just fine for me.

        Can you pls confirm that’s the case

        • if you select default sorting, Featured will be on top.

          If you change sorting option to random or AZ, featured will be mixed with other listings.

  7. I have been playing with the demo and noticing that the zip code and select location options at the top right are very quirky. The “Select location” is a drop down box and when I click on it nothing happens with the drop down but the site moves down giving me options at the top. Is this really supposed to be like this?

    Regarding the zip code field, is there a way to have all the category results be based on visitor location? I want to have a site that covers the entire state and I want visitors to be able to see results sorted by default by proximity. So, in your demo site, if I enter zip code 28150 then when I select anything from there on out, like restaurants from the navigation menu, I want to results based on what is closer first. I don’t want to see restaurants in all kinds of other locations, that takes a lot away from the site…

    Overall though this looks very promising…

    • Hi,
      when clicking on “Select Location” a box appears above the site header with links to switch from one location to another.
      GeoLocation and proximity search works only for search. Not for category browsing.
      If you type restaurants in the search for field and a zip code in the near field, the results will be ordered by nearest to that zip code, not your location.
      If you type restaurants in the search for field and the word “me” in the near field, it will order results by proximity to your location.


  8. Hi, i would like to know if its possible to appear in front page, as in category.

    I mean the featured listings on top, until another sorting is selected, just like in each category

  9. When a listing expires and then converts to XXX (whatever you chose it to convert to) does a notification go out telling them? for example i have featured companies which will expire in 30 days..when the featured expires and downgrades to a free listing, will they receive a notice for this?

    Best Regards

  10. Can listings and/or events be restricted to registered users only? Either individual listings/events or all of them?

    • Also, if people do not want to leave a specific location of their listing, can they still add it as a listing? How would it show on the map and the listings list?

    • Hi, no listings are public. You’d need to integrate a membership plugin to achieve that. It would require some code editing to make GT and any of them play together.

  11. Hi. I’m trying your demo in the latest version of Google Chrome and receive the message “Location detection not supported in browser” when I click the Search button. Do you know what the problem may be and how to fix it?

    I’m in Vancouver, Canada.


  12. My experience with is so far limited to 30 minutes browsing, and it appears you created a great theme, but most comments and comments I’ve read are from 2 or 3 years ago. Please let me know how up to date your geotheme is, and if it’s compatible with WordPress 3.8 and if I’m able to easily create child themes for it.


    • Hi,
      I reply to comments on this site everyday. There are an avarage of 10 new comments daily.
      GeoTheme is used on over 10k domains and yes it is still fully supported.

  13. Is there a way to specify that featured listings appear first on the home page? I saw another post that said the default setting shows featured first, but that is not on the home page. Is there an add-on to do this or does it require a theme modification?

    • Hi,
      what you see in home page is the output of a plugin called “Latest Places” by category.
      In order to have featured always on top, that widget have to be modified. You could clone it and alter the query in order to have both.

      • I am interested in GT. I did a Google search for “Latest Places” plugin and could not find it. Can you direct me to it so I can see it’s capabilities??

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