Bulk upload places and events

GeoTheme features a Bulk Upload system to create an unlimited number of Places and Events, by just uploading all details in CSV files. Exemples are provided for quicker results.


Extended user profiles

GeoTheme features a built in extended profile system that allows to upload an Avatar or grab it from Facebook or Twitter. Users can add many more details, which can be displayed thru a widget.


Mega menu compatible

GeoTheme support WordPress native custom menus so it’s perfectly compatible with jQuery Mega Menu plugins.


Social sharing buttons

Are social network buttons important? On Geo Theme you have a multitude. From the most important like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ next to place and events titles, to many others visible on request.


Google analytics for place owners

Site admin and verified place owners can see Google analytics stats displayed on details page’s sidebar. They can always check how their pages are performing on the spot!


Reviews with a views

A picture is worth a thousand words! In Geo Theme reviewers can upload pictures and attached them to their reviews! What other City Portal Theme does that?


Review management for place owners

Site Admin can give places owners the option to fully manage their reviews. They will be able to reply to their customer feedback, moderate or delete offensive comments, banned user by username or even ip. We believe customer feedback is useful to everyone, only when communication goes both ways!


Real notification management

Notification management is very important in sites relying on user genenrated content. Geo Theme features a built in professional notification system with plenty of shortcodes to fully customize messages and alerts throughout your site.


Price management with recurring payements

What’s the point of offering only different periods of publication to monetize your listing? If you can restrict number and quality of information that can be submitted for free and add extra and better option for featured listings, your visitor will have more reason to pay! Geo Theme allows to individually manage all elements of […]


Recurring events option

Many city events are organized recursively. Why bother entering one event for each occurence? Giving users the best tools to submit their events, will ensure fresh new content added to your site daily, allowing it to outrank the competition on search engines and reach a wider audience. Geo Theme allows to enter recurring events and […]


Listing claims

Geo Theme allow anyone to submit places and events. Not only business owners. Loyal clients can submit places just to show their support. Business owners could be interested in managing their pages if your site becomes popular. Allowing business owners to claim their pages, gives you an extra opportunity to get in touch with your […]


Per category Icons and Default images

Now you can set a different icon marker and default image for each category… No more “no image available” but the default image you prefer for each type of place! You can add an html description for each cateogory and make it appear on top of its listings. Sorting features per category is also included…


Enhanced listings with new sorting options

You can now add category specific sorting options and create custom filters for listings pages. For example you can sort listings randomly, alphabetically, by ratings or reviews other than newest of course. You can create specific custom filters, such as price, or for any feature a place may have. Hotels could be filtered if they […]


Places & Events as Custom Post Types

Each element in it’s own place! Blog post are separated from Places and Events, which are using specific custom post types and taxonomies. Wish to modify the submit places and events forms? You can create custom fields without adding a line of code!


Places & Events as Custom Post Types

Each element in it’s own place! Blog post are separated from Places and Events, which are using specific custom post types and taxonomies. Wish to modify the submit places and events forms? You can create custom fields without adding a line of code!


Social connect

New visitors can create an account or login by simply connecting one of their social accounts such as: Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Yahoo or Google. Social connection makes registering to your GeoTheme site so easy, that you’ll finally see your users base grow like never before! Connecting through Facebook and Twitter will import the user profile […]


Expandable Google Map V3 with Ajax markers

All maps have been totally rewritten for best performances and can be now open in full screen by clicking on the top-left corner icon. Geo Theme harness the power of Google Maps V3 API to provide exceptional Geolocation experiences. Marker information pulled through ajax calls, grants impressive page loading time even with thousands of places […]


Geolocation for both web and mobile Apps

GeoLocation can be set by default, new visitors will be asked wheather they want to share their location with the application and take advantage of the Geolocation features. Else GeoLocation can be triggered by user while browsing locations or searching. User who share their position will be automatically redirected to the closest city and will […]


Extended General and Design settings

With extended General and Design Settings you have control over every single part of the framework. Here you can set you custom logo and favicon. Define the skin you prefer and create your directory Geo settings. So many option, yet so simple, you will be blown away!


Beyond a Yelp Clone. Create a Global Directory!

There is a new Yelp Clone in town, make sure to have a look at Whoop! The best WordPress Directory Theme powered by GeoDirectory! GeoTheme V3 most important new feature is represented by the ability to create a Global Directory. In fact you can create as many Countries you want. For each Country you can […]