GeoTheme features a Bulk Upload system to create an unlimited number of Places and Events, by just uploading all details in CSV files.

Exemples are provided for quicker results.

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    • iOs is ready and we will start marketing after we finish beta testing. Android is under development and can really give you a release date.

      • Im interested in buying the complete package of 480. When would you think that would be available

        • That package will be available when both apps will be available. But price could always change…

  1. Hi Paolo,
    I was wondering if there were any RSV for events?
    I mean, any possibilty to display people who are attending the event (with or without use of BP)?


  2. can someone please send me or attach the sample.csv file. When I try to get one from the theme all I get is an empty excel file

  3. I was test driving the playground, after deleting all the default content and adding a few listings, “places”, the map wasn’t working. Also the filter on the map was missing. I added categories and places in the admin. I was a little frustrated but overall very awesome theme, I just wish I could get it to work in the playground before deciding to purchase. http://hotdogstands.geotheme.com/

    please help me, what am I doing wrong?

  4. I’m interested in being able to bulk upload a list of businesses, including all of the relevant information: business name, address, telephone, etc. and have it show on the map.

    Is that possible?

    I have already setup a playground but I believe the widget section is disabled.

  5. Hi,

    I am trying to bulk upload in the same format as the csv sample. But nothing is getting uploaded. I am getting a message that one record is inserted but i cant see it

  6. Hi, Great theme but have been trying to work out how to upload my listings into places. My previous directorypress you just upload a simple CSV file. But this theme you have to try to convert your CSV file to have “”, in between each field. I tried with Open office but successful so cant use this theme.
    Will this add on allow me to use a simple CSV file?
    let me know as I would be happy to purchase straight away so as not to waste anymore time.
    Thanks so much and enjoy your weekend.

    • best if you post your question about this here: quickcode.themetailors.com/tt/portfolio/geotheme-bulk-management-tools/

      I’m not sure the developer will see it here on geotheme.com. on theme Tailors, I’m sure he’ll read your question.


  7. Is there a way to import a set of cities and their countries for the city selector on the index page and other areas of the site? We’d love to open our site up for all countries as it will be a global site but can’t imagine a) entering each city manually and b) users having to scroll through a huge list of cities without a country subdirectory/drop-down, any ideas? Thank you!

    • HI,

      it is possibile to break down cities by countries or regions/states what currently it is not possibile is to avoid adding all cities manually or through CSV.

      The new upcoming version will come with API to a global database of location included. The release date is still not public though.



  8. Is there any documentation of this feature anywhere? I’ve got a playground set up and I want to see what the .csv files look like. I can’t find the relevant controls in the back end.


    • On GT Tools >> Import / Export you can download the sample file. Follow that example and you should be able to bulk upload pretty easily.
      Documentation is available for members only.
      Thank you

  9. Hey, I am trying to upload multiple cities through CSV file on playground http://wedding.geotheme.com/. But only 2 cities get uploaded.. It says ” CSV uploaded successfully. Total of 0 records inserted. Total of 14 records updated.”. Kindly let me know how to do it as I would want 100s of cities to be uploaded and lacs of listing on the site.

  10. Hi – two quick questions:

    1. I was about to purchase GT3 and several related plugins (static maps, autocompleter, cluster marker, auto info, etc.) when I noticed the mention of GeoDirectory (is this GT4?) on Facebook, presumably out-classing GT3.

    If this new product is imminent, wouldn’t it render my planned purchases obsolete overnight?

    2. I read one supplier’s advice that GT3 won’t run effectively on any server configuration less than a 1GB RAM VPS. Is that accurate? My sites are currently hosted on a super-economical standard Linux program at Godaddy.com ($100/year). It’s not a critical obstacle, but would require a $300/year upgrade for me.

    By the way, your site and products ROCK (as does your patience with customer queries like mine!).

    (Victoria, BC, Canada)

    • Hi,
      GeoDirectory is indeed about to be released, but it’s a totally different product. It’s a plugin and not a theme and it will still take a little time before it will reach GeoTheme ‘s level of maturity. However we will continue to develop GeoTheme after releasing GeoDirectory, so no, your purchase will not become obsolete overnight.

      If your listings database isn’t huge, you can run GT in a shared server. The bigger the database the higher server power it will be needed.



  11. I currently run a directory that just doesn’t work right. One of the major faults is that I cannot upload listings if they contain localized characters (accented vowels, German “ss”, etc). Is this a limitation on this theme as well?

  12. I created a playground. So, a few more questions I don’t see asked before…
    1. Can you upload categories? I have several hundred.
    2. Can you mass delete listings? I will do a major refresh several times per year requiring a deletion of all listings and a new mass CSV upload
    3. I uploaded my 1300 listings. It said it got them all. But I cannot find any of them. Perhaps I don’t have the right headings on my CSV? Is there a place to find the key words for all possible headings?
    Do I understand correctly from previous posts that if I upload an entry, it will not automatically appear on the map? I would have to place the “pin” manually for each?

    Sorry for the many questions. I just cannot afford to buy another template and find out too late it won’t do what I need. So far, I love what you’ve done!

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