About a year ago I was looking to start a Geo listing directory and while searching for some examples I found templatic.com which claimed to have the solution for me. I figured it would save me some time coding, so I bought the wordpress theme “Geo Places” and after playing with the theme for a few weeks and realising it just did not work, I put it on the shelf and concentrated on other projects (How many people never complained or never asked for a refund?).

A few months later I received an email from Templatic saying V3 beta had been released. I got excited and thought maybe the bugs would be fixed and the theme would finally work. I sadly was wrong, but hey I understand it was in beta and there are always bugs in beta, so I got on their support forums and started listing bugs for them.  After about 3 months, nothing but the very basic bugs were fixed, so I began to think they just could not do it, they didn’t have the time or eventaully even the skills! Alot of MAJOR security bugs went unanswered by their staff. There were also alot of very frustrated users that had the same problems as me.

Eventually after about 6 months from when I bought “Geo Places” and the theme had been declared “stable”, I gave up waiting for replies to my bug reports. These were serious bug reports: anyone could add/edit/delete any post or page on the site even if wordpress user registration was disabled… just to name one.

You could just not have made a live site with this.

I started writing my own fixes to the bugs and making a stable site, but there were still lots of unhappy customers on the templatic forums that had the same problems so I shared a few of my fixes on the templatic forums in my bug reports posts that had still not been answered by staff. Users were so happy, that eventually asked for more fixes from me.

I was then horrified to find in templatic’s next Geo Places release, that a few of my fixes had been used, while my bug report was left sitting on their forum, my fix was added in the theme!

(according to people who still visit templatic, some of my fixes with my name and website comments are still in the latest version of “Geo Places” but I’m sure they will scramble to remove my code comments after reading this)

After deciding that I did not want to do bug fixes for them (not for free) I checked the legality’s of modifying the theme and there were no problems as it was sold to me Under GPL licence. I setup a paid members forum where members could download my “fix package” eventually after about 2 months of bug fixes the “fix package” was replacing about 50% of the files and it seemed silly to provide just the fix package and not the whole theme packaged.

Even although at this point I had only allowed to sign up members who had already purchased “Geo Places” theme from templatic, thus not taking away any profit from Templatic, they sent me warnings about my forum.

Several months later, after I had completed bug fixes and added several new features that members had asked for, I decided to start packaging the whole thing as a new theme, no longer just as “fix package” for templatic’s theme and selling it as a beta of “GeoTheme”. Even although the licence allowed me to do what I’m doing, I would normally be against this as it’s just morally wrong.

However I have changed over 90% of all code and added several new features almost another 50% more code, and this is on top of the fact I tried to work with templatic’s support for 6 months and got no where.

Let me just add a little note here:

I think selling an unmodified version of someone else’s GPL theme is wrong and I would just not do it.  I did modified GeoPlaces for a templatic’s “job board” customer and fixed all major bugs. This means I do have a bug free version of Geo Places but I would never sell it as only about 15% of the files were changed, while GeoTheme, which is now coded completely differently from Geo Places, has over 90% of the files changed and about 50% more files.

The selling of a unmodified theme versus a “fork” of a theme are two different ball games in my opinion. We are in the latter, we have “forked” Geo Places and made it our own, this has happend with several other GPL projects, namely for one Mambo and Joomla: Joomla is a fork of Mambo and is used by thousands.

What now for Geo Places?

I have not broken any laws or any terms of conditions when the theme was sold to me. They have however changed there T&C’s now but that does not apply to me and the theme is still GPL.

Has their theme been improved since? I’m sure it has, but testing on their latest demo, it appears to still have huge security bugs that would prevent any site from going live. In addition, they still have my code in it which they never asked to be able to use.

What now for GeoTheme?

Well GeoTheme is now on sale for $125. We have written our own api to work with our white label iOS and Android apps which are due out at the start of the new year. These apps can be bought by users, customised and submitted to the respective marketplace and make their site truly mobile ready.

Your thoughts about this?

Stiofan O’Connor

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  1. Mate, love the work you’ve done! As happened with you, I purchased the geo places theme and was shocked at how horrendously coded it was! However I didn’t have the time/skills to make all the fixes you did, so all power to you! And good luck with this theme, I’ll most likely be purchasing soon once I have the time to update my community site.


  2. Being one of the members who originally bought Templatic’s version of the theme, I am thrilled that so much progress has been made with GeoTheme. It has some much needed new features and security fixes that I feel confident in going forward with launching the site I intended to launch almost a year ago.

  3. Hi Stiofan, just some quick thoughts.

    Your message could be conveyed far more effectively if you make it more succinct – most people won’t read more than a few paragraphs.

    Legality doesn’t come into it, you should not keep protesting that you have done nothing illegal – such protests always sound a tad suspect. Rather than even use the word legal, you should calmly, simply state that you were ENTITLED to make changes i.e. “I decided to release a working version, as anyone was entitled to by the license under which it was distributed”.

    Morality DOES come into it: they were selling a product that they claimed allowed you to create a certain type of website, it did not. They knowingly continued to market it despite full awareness of all the problems that their customers were having and that was deeply dishonest and immoral. Instead of fixing the problem, they manipulated their private forums and publicly denied that there were any problems – you should link to the boss’ fantastic denials if you can still find them.

    You have the moral high-ground because, essentially, you invested the time and talent into creating a working version. This is precisely the sort of thing that the GPL is designed to allow. If what you did was easy, they would, presumably, have done it themselves at any point during this long, drawn-out sage. In truth, all they provided to you was proof that there was interest in the concept, in the form of a community of angry, cheated customers.

    The hard stuff – actual code – they have liberally taken from you, so, no-one can claim that they got the shitty end of the stick. More to the point, if they have, as you suggested, changed their own licensing terms, THEY are in breach of the GPL, because they are incorporating your GPL’d code. Technically, too, no theme that depends upon WordPress to create a functioning site can be anything other than GPL.

    Keep up the good work, I am very much looking forward to testing your iOS app.

  4. “Someone” raised the issue on twitter instilling suspicion that we were doing an illigal and immoral thing… so we had to go deep into details to make sure people understand…
    if they don’t want to read the whole story they can always read you comment! :)

    • Agreed, but you shouldn’t highlight those facts / statements here on this page of your website.

      This should be short and sweet and only talking about the core fundamentals of why you created the theme. I’m looking for this sort of theme for an Essex Web Design contract, All you’ve done for me is let me know that there is another theme available and tell me yours in your opinion is better.

      I would remove all the unnecessary chat, stick to the facts and key points and maybe make it much shorter and a little more interesting…

      At SitesLab we would have created a Timeline Infographic or something less “wordy” after all web design isn’t about lots of text right 😉

      Great Theme though!! I’m thinking about buying it, but need to explore what your theme can actually do for me as a Web Designer, seems a little expensive as far as all the “extra’s” are concerned, if it was a fixed price for all the options and future updates I would buy without hesitation.

      But need to understand what I’m buying before I commit.

      Thanks so much for your efforts though, people like you make Web Design more fun and less like hard work!!

      John Palmer (Essex Web Design)

  5. Hi Stiofan,
    Firstly, thanks for all your hard work on Geotheme.

    As Templatic has used some of your code without permission (please copy proof asap if not already done) a lawyer might view this as stealing your intellectual property as they haven’t paid for it. I suggest you send them a bill for the code they have used in Geo Places.

    As one of many who purchased Geo places when launched, and with the original GPL licence too, I have wasted much time this year over Templatic themes. I wasn’t happy with any of those I bought earlier (and were unused) after the Geo Places disaster, which has meant starting again with several projects and finding another solution for various new website ideas.

    I don’t feel they have a leg to stand on when they refused to fix it properly themselves and we were left with a bad purchase which can’t be used. This experience has also led me to doubt the security of all their other themes. They should have been concerned that their customers might lose confidence in their products through this.

    At least now we finally have proper support and a workable theme after the best part of a year.

    It is sad that you feel you have to justify yourself in this fashion as you are perfectly entitled to do this and solve the problem for a not insignificant number of people. If Templatic had been concerned about their brand loyalty, they had the chance to rectify this at the time and to retain their customers. They chose not to. A half baked solution is insufficient. It is therefore hardly surprising that someone else (you) rose to the occasion. Well done!

  6. I think these are a good suggestions

    The Perfect GeoTheme:
    1.Claim your business
    2. Easy customization in home page
    3. Easy to translate to other language (if not, I can Help you with Spanish language)
    4. Splash page ( to select a city) o an easy way to integrate maxmind (Geolocation)
    5. Easy upgrade
    6. Image Background for each city o category (a.k.a backgrounds ads)
    7. Apps for IOS and Android
    8. Prints Coupons (option to upload or a plugin to maKe it)
    9.Option to upload video ( the video must be on right side bar in listings details)
    10. shadowbox-js to watch videos
    11. Random Business, feature Business always on top.
    12. Some funtions like Yelp ( Price, parking, etc)
    13. Facebook connect and Facebook comments.
    14. Integrate daily deals or coupons (www.bitehunter.com)
    15. Option for upload photos in add listings (example: standard pack 8 photos, Gold pack 15 photos)

    Others Things
    *Check this website http: // goo.gl/TMsk2, the option to select a city would be great for GeoTheme.
    *Can you a plugin like this http: // adagency.ijoomla.com
    *Can you a website like this www. bargainez .com, is made it in WP.

    I’m a unhappy GeoPlaces costumer….

    You are Awesome man, good job

    • Thanks jvasquez, most things you mentioned can be done with GeoTheme actual features.
      If you find any plugin to extend GeoTheme to sell deals and stuff like that, please share them with everyone!

  7. Just a quick comment for anyone considering purchase. I am and will be going ahead, these guys are awesome and i have just had a fantastic live chat
    all my questions answered- friendly advice on wordpress (novice)
    Brilliant support- and thanks again

  8. Question:

    If I create a custom field, it appears in the public form and the value can be edited from the Admin, but admin cannot ADD any content for that new custom field.

    eg: I created a custom field “withDogs” to indicate dogs are allowed (this is in the sandbox) and when adding a listing from Admin, I can’t populate that value in the backend.

    I’d also love to see a Dashboard widget for Admin showing new/pending additions/changes/claims etc rather than having to click in, or rely on email.

    What’s up next for GeoTheme?

    • I am confused by this issue as well – seems like a weird oversight by the developers – would love to see it fixed.

      • Old Stuff. Custom Fields are working on both front and back and the dashboard widget was developed by Jeff himself.

  9. Purchased this theme from Templatic and it was as you described. Complete trash and full of bugs. Glad someone worked forward with it, bummed I might have to buy it again if I want to move forward, but then appreciate that you did this.

  10. Hi Stiofan,

    first of all: Congrats, very nice looking and functional theme!

    I do have one question / point to raise (possibly I just have not found the setting yet):

    When searching for a restaurant, say in Glasgow (as this city is existent in the demo version when signing up for the playground) – if I e.g. type “Glasgow” into the search field in the header, then the result list shows all relevant listings for Glasgow, the map on the right hand side however, shows Philadelphia, not Glasgow. I assume Philadelphia is listed as the default map for search results? Can you also get the appropriate map (so dependent on the city/zip code/ country which is searched for? I am very interested in purchasing your theme, perhaps you can let me know if this function is supported.

    Thanks a lot,

    • Hi,
      thanks for your interest.
      What you are describing is a zooming problem of sidebar maps, that has been solved in GeoTheme V3 which should be released between today and tomorrow.

      In GeoThme 3 all maps have been totally rewritten.

      Thanks again,


      • Hi Paolo,

        great, this is very nice to hear! The support here is great. And I can tell that you guys are always improving the theme and implementing feedback given by users. I have bought quite a lot of themes and normally, from other companies this is not the case 😉

        You can be sure to have a new customer 😉

        Keep up the good work and improving the theme,

      • If I open my site on my smart ohone, it shows map witj bubble for places. When I click bubble, it shows popup with info and phone number. I want to be able to click that phone number right there and should be able to go to phone dialer. Later similarly for directions to place. I m writing here as I dobt know how to reach administrator

  11. I’m about 93% sure I will be buying this theme :) but had 2 questions relating to what I see in the Play area (demo site).

    1. When I click on this demo link from your site: http://themetailors.com/?visit=http://demo-geotheme.ghost1227.com/
    I really like that city dropdown list. I think it is more effective and user friendly based on experience. Is there a way to implement that as I have not seen so in the playground thus far? I am just looking for an easier way for users to change between cities as I would need this and that solution seems optimal for me.

    2. When I search for something like buddakan I see an error on the right sidebar. The search result only shows a couple listings and the map on the right is interfering with the footer. For search results with many listings this is not a problem, but if a user only gets one or two results this is not good. Is there some way to change this setting.

    I think you guys have an excellent theme! Like I said I am ready to join your theme family here as this is definitely meeting my needs.

    • HI,
      you have a dropdown available for multicity switch in geotheme. The site you are linking is a custom work from one of our members.

      For the search issue I just noticed what you mean and it will be an easy fix for next update.



      • Thanks Paolo! I am looking through the Geotheme settings –> Design Settings and do not see that dropdown option. Could you guide me where that would be? Thanks and Happy Easter!

  12. I was told that the stable version 3 will be release “either today or tomorrow” many times. Will you be posting a reliable release date so we don’t have to keep waiting?

  13. Hi Mike,

    I also told you that updates are seamless, if you work with a child theme. Nobody is forcing you to wait, but yourself.

    The version avail for download now is 3.0.2_beta which is stable enough for a live site (I’m using it for 1 of mine having no problems) and I’m customizing it thru a child theme, thus when GT3 final will be released, I won’t have any troubles. I’ll just have to rename the GeoTheme folder and upload the latest to be done.

    We released about 15 subversions of GeoTheme since V2 and many have used that for sites in production, so GT is ROBUST, SOLID and STABLE since december 2nd.

    We’ll keep releasing new updates and subversions, so waiting to buy to have a “imaginary stabler” version would be like waiting for wordpress to stop evolving…

    Fortunately that’s not going to happen very soon.

    Just my 2 cents!



    • Thanks, Paolo. Yes you mentioned about that during our last chat but you also mentioned stable version 3 will be release “supposedly today but it will be tomorrow” every time I inquire so I kept coming back to check if it’s released.

      I understand that WP keeps evolving but it doesn’t remain or stay in beta status. Anyway, I appreciate the reply and looking forward to buy the theme and other plugins from TT when it’s no longer in beta.

      • Ok if you go by the book, Beta in his early release, can be full of bugs. But many times software released as stable carry more bugs than betas… see GeoPlaces!
        The Beta v3.0.2 is already second release in a week of V3, so 99% of bugs found by members are cleared.
        V3.0.3 will be release candidate and than we will release it as stable.
        I have 3.0.3 and 2 lines of code where changed and probably none will be changed when releasing that as stable.

        But as I said…. if you prefer to wait…

      • Great! I need to have different custom fields (text field, checkbox, drop down menu, etc.) based on listings/categories.

        For example, Credit Cards Accepted: VISA, MC, AMEX (checkbox)

        Will the custom fields be indexed by the search tool?

        • Search form looks only in title and description. Custom filed will allow you to make listing sortable by…

  14. Hello from Greece!

    I need to create a night clubs directory for a Greek city so I need everything in Greek.
    1. Is it possible to translate all UI elements into Greek? If yes, could you please provide me with information?
    2. Is it possible to customize appearance of the website?
    Thank you again!

    • Hi there!
      yes it is possibile to translate GeoTheme completely and you’ll find docs in the forum on how to do it.
      if you know a little css, customizing GT is very easy.

  15. Hi Paolo,

    I was wondering whether there is a better widget for the change city option available?

    I will be setting up a directory for London only. It has over 100 towns or over 100 postcodes and if clicking the change city (or in my case change postcode) button there will be a long list of 100 options. This will be impractical.

    Any widget that works the same way as the Groupon.co.uk change city option?


  16. Is this theme licensed under GPL3? I do not see it written anywhere.

    Also, for maps, do you use google maps which is restricitve or are you using openstreetmaps?

    • Yes it is. We use gmap as restrictions are 25.000 API call/day for 90 consecutive days before getting charged.
      We think it’s high enough for most of our members.
      If you think you’ll need more, we will be happy to provide you a quote to add openstreetmaps.

    • Hi Matt,
      we loved it… we even posted a link to your article on our facebook page!

      • I appreciate that Paolo. I’ll keep pluggin it as you guys keep making it the best directory theme out there! Glad to hear that you guys have a whole team working on it now as well! I’ll be sure to include that in my upcoming review.

  17. What are the child themes does anyone know how they look like??? I can’t seem to find them

  18. Hi guys,

    This just looks like a great site – really impressed with the story as well.
    I have a quick question, how many of you are working on this and what kind of guarantees do we have in terms of you staying with this project. I would worry using your template and mobile site only tofind in 6 months you’re off on another project.


    • Hi Nick,
      we have 2 individuals working on this full time, backed up by a team of 5 working on this by the hour and we are increasing the number of people involved day by day .
      We the number of members we currently have, my last thought is to start new projects!

  19. Hi – I’m ready to buy! just 2 questions please:
    1) I want to have the 1 site on 3 URLS, a) Restaurants b) Events c) Places
    How can I do this? I don’t want to install 3 geotheme scripts for each thing.

    2) I plan on buying your new iphone app as well :)
    So will my geotheme with the 3 URLS work on the 1 app? or do I have to create buy separate apps? I want everything available on 1 app.

    Please let me know asap as I plan on either buying Geotheme or Geoplaces. But will most likely buy geotheme :)

    • Hi,
      You can’t have 1 site on 3 different URLS…

      Unless you use categories, so you’d have:




      Which is how GeoTheme works…

  20. In MarketerMatt’s GeoTheme review, he mentions some add-ins that cost extra. Is there a good list of add-ins and their prices just so I can get a complete picture of the total cost. Also, if you want to add a slightly more robust social community to Geo Themes, is that possible? Thanks.

  21. First, let me say I’m glad I saw this before buying the templatic version… because I was on the verge of taking the plunge! Secondly, I just have one question about the capabilities of this theme: is there a way to map a route between events and/or places? What I have in mind for the theme requires that a person is able to create driving directions from one thing to another.



    • Thanks, there is no build in function to achieve that.
      Visitors can get directions to a place or event only from the address they type in…

  22. Hello there, I looking for a directory listing theme that would modify the details according to packages. Ex. for FREE LISTING – Name, Description, Phone no. only and for PREMIUM LISTING complete details. Do you have that features on your theme.

    Hoping for any response


  23. hello,

    when is the v4 going to be published?
    and also the new mobile apps?

    i am waiting for a few months now and want to decide.


    • Hi Georg,

      don’t know where you got that information about V4. We never announced it.

      iOs app will be released this week.



  24. Can you release screenshots or a wireframe of your iOS app, so we know what we’re waiting for?

  25. I am in the process of creating a new site for which I would like to consider

    using the geotheme script.

    I have two questions.

    1. Is it possible for the design of the site to be made as close to my current

    site – greatnewsites.com – or would I have to select the design of the site only

    from the existing wordpress themes?

    2. I would like to be able to invite the users of the site to register for

    multiple special offers from the various retailers on the site and also allow

    the retailers to be able to send email notifications etc to the registered users

    for any special offers that they may have. Would I be able to use the geotheme script to add such a user-registration/email-notification feature to the site?

    Thank you for your time.


  26. Is it fairly easy to change the font type, color, etc? I am assuming this is a quick style sheet change. Please advise.

  27. Is there a limit to the amount of countries and cities you can have, I have setup a demo site and I have a csv of 1300 cities but when I import it I can only see 83 of them, I have checked the csv file for errors like spaces in slugs etc but its still only 83.

    Can you shed any light on this please.


    • Hi,

      playrgroud has some limitations for server security reasons. Please don’t try to upload too many records in it.
      Once you have your installation there are no limits. Members have uploaded all cities for canada and usa without any problems…



  28. Hi Guys,
    Is it possible to exclude some custom fields from the post detail page.
    I have setup a load of fields in my demo site but I want to exclude some in the content and have others in the sidebar. The sidebar I have done without any problems but cant find a solution to exclude unwanted ones in the content.


    • Please post your support requests on forum only.
      If you are not a current user, we are sorry, but we don’t provide assistance for the playground.
      That is there just for testing and some features are even inactive for security reasons.

  29. If we have 3 packages
    1. Basic
    2. Silver
    3. Gold

    Can the results be displayed so that Featured Gold listing are listed first folled by non featured gold, Then Featured Silver second followed by non-feaured and finally basic last.

    I know that Featured listings can be listed first.
    So I gues I should ask if

  30. Let me ask the above again – this time without the featured listing reguest part.

    If we have 3 packages
    1. Basic
    2. Silver
    3. Gold

    Can the results be displayed so that Gold listing are listed first followed by Silver Listing and finally folled basic listings last.

  31. Hi,

    I would like to know if the $85 payment is a one time fee and we own the theme or if we need to pay every year?

    Also, can the map on the top page be made to only show a particular city? I would like the map to only show california for instance and not the entire world map.



    • 85$ is price of the theme and it includes 6 months of free support and updates. When the 6 months end you are free not to renew and the theme will continue to work. You will only no longer have access to support forum and updates.

  32. Very happy with how my demo is going, there are just a few things I’d like to know,(I’m not a developer “yet !”.)
    1. The custom fields/taxonomies/Custom post types confuse me. Ok as I see it Places and Events are custom post types, Custom fields are what every extra fields I want to add to the posts but Taxonomies are a mystery to me.

    The reason I ask is because when I buy the theme I would like to add a chain select search based on Place Category – Country – City – Motorway. The motorway field will be a custom field but I’m not sure what the others are.

    Can you give me brief run down on how Geo Theme is setup in relation to these types.

    2. Dont suppose you are going to include a chain select search in a later version !!!


    • Hi,
      custom taxonomies are custom post categories and tags.
      What you intend to do is a major customization of the search form and require some skills.
      We don’t provide support for customizations though and you will probably need the help of an experienced developer to achieve it.
      We currently have no plans to add it…



  33. hi,
    Does geotheme support custom fields for listings based on a category?
    for example if the category is restaurants the custom fields would be: atmosphere, cuisine type, credit cards accepted.
    for clubs it would be something else.


  34. Hi – I have a few pre-purchase questions:

    1. If I am using the child theme, will design customization such as header image and background colour be accomplished by editing css or is it possible to change these in the admin panel?

    2. I notice that a couple of sites in the showcase have a map on the homepage that is not the full page width. This would be a better option for me as well, so I’m curious to know how that is accomplished. Does the area to the side of the map then become a widgetized area?

    3. My site will not involve reviews. I assume it is possible to turn off all the review features (such as the stars). Just want to make sure.

    Thank you!

    • Hi,
      1) through backend you can only change logo and with Blank child theme take advantage of the default skins. All other changes can only be accomplished through css code.
      2) Map is a widget and you can place it wherever, even in the sidebar if you wish.
      3) Yes you can close them.

  35. Hello – is it possible to turn off reviews completely, so that nothing related to reviews is visible?

    Thank you

  36. Hi Paoltaia,

    1. When logged into the playground as an end user I couldn’t see how to edit a place I had created, and I couldn’t see how to enable this in the backend. Is this option just disabled in the playground?

    2. Is there more printed documentation available, such as the pdf you referred to above?


  37. I’m interested to purchase GeoTheme V3. Do you have plans of releasing V4 soon? If yes, when? I don’t want to have to buy this and then several months (or days!) later, a new version comes out.

    It already happened to me once.


  38. Hi,
    Can I integrate a live chat to the GEO Theme? If so, do you provide one or can you recommend one I can use for my site that will integrate easily with GEO theme

  39. From v3 TO v4 will it be a free upgrade or a paid update? I dont wanan shell out again and again for updates. If I buy the mobile package will I have to buy the mobile app update separately or will I have to buy that upgrade as well?


    • GT4 will cost more than GT3, but only for new members. Current member will upgrade for free. Upgrades are free for 6 months on any product, after that period you can renew or drop the subscription. Software evolves, so there will always be an update…

  40. If I buy the just the theme now and later I would like to get the Mobile App, how much would it cost that Mobile App itself?

    • Hi,
      did you leave the City ID column blank? If you don’t it will try to update instead of adding. Not finding those city IDs it doesn’t do anything…

      • hi,

        thanks for the answer. it worked. originally i have the city_ids and categories filled in the csv (i thought it was needed).

        a presto

  41. using GeoTheme Is it possible to charge payment in hours basis? because i want user pay per hour and not per days his listing or event is displaing.

  42. Where can I get the file ready to upload of all US States, Cities with Latitude and longitude. I found a few out there in Google that sell the list in excel format but I am afraid that I may have to do extra work when purchasing from them. You also mentioned somewhere else that it has to be uploaded through openoffice, is this right?

  43. Excellent explanation, forthright and honest, most of us doing some kind of business online had to deal with lousy support from time to time and when it’s crucial for your business you just have to change something. Stiofan not only did you basically created something much better then it was before you have helped the rest of us by doing this. Thanks man, much appreciated.

  44. Hello,

    We are considering using this theme for a business directory. I had a question I was hoping you could answer for me. Is it possible to build an API into the site that provides search results via the API’s?. I’m not sure if this is possible with wordpress and before I dig to deep thought you might have some insight. Thanks in advance. I love this theme anyway. Great work with it.

    Regards, Scott

  45. Hey
    Any update about Android Application? I am waiting to pull the trigger as soon as you can give me specific date for Android App.


  46. Hi,

    Having looked at lots of different themes I am totally sold on GeoThemes, it has some great features. I’m looking to purchase very soon but see that you are working on a v4. Will I be able to move all my content from v3 to v4 with ease? When do you anticipate the new release and are you able to reveal what the upgrades are?!

    Many thanks,

    • Hi,
      Gt4 is a major rewrite of current framework. Features will remain more or less the same, they will only get improved and work better.
      We are rewriting the entire code and restyling the db structure to make things faster and work even more efficiently.
      We are adding filter and hooks to make it possibile for the community to extend current features through plug and play addons.
      We will probably release it as a plugin that will work with any theme.
      We will provide a theme built around the plugin, but finally 3rd party devs will be able to build their own.
      We will provide all necessary tools for a smooth transition.
      It will probably go out in beta end of February.

  47. Hi,

    it is worth more to Version 3 buy or should I rather wait for version 4?
    As the price for the version 4 will be?
    Och can be beta tester?

    Thank you very much

    • Upgrade for current v3 members will be free. Mst likely the price will be raised for new members. We have +1500 beta tester already :) If you subscribe to v3, we will have one more!

  48. I have had a horrendous 2-3 years with GeoPlaces trying to get my motivationalspeakershub.com site to function. Aaaaahhhhh! Please tell me GeoPlaces will work and especially that, if I have any problems, someone will be available to help me. Please note: I am not a professional developer but an enthusiastic amateur. Is it simple enough for even me to use? I noted that someone had trouble i.e. ‘but can not get it to upload onto wordpress’ Is there a problem??


    PS Ready to purchase if you can reassure me. Should I wait for V4? Or just install V3 ?

    • Hi, sorry for the dealy in getting back to you. GeoTheme works well for a thousands of users, I’m sureit will fit for your needs too. We ahve a dedicated support forum where replies are giving within 24 hours maximum. The upload problem is due to the size of the theme. Most servers allow maximum 2mb upload through regular wordpress uplaoder. Being the theme over 9mb, you may have to upload it through FTP. As easy as that.
      As far as going with current version or waiting for v4 is up to you. Beta should be out soon, we will provide conversion tools. But before the new version will be totally stable another couple of months could pass by.

  49. Is Geo Theme of responsive design? I was viewing the showcase site PhillyScene.com from a Galaxy Nexus and the site doesn’t appear to re-format for optimal viewing in a smartphone.

      • Thanks for your recent reply. We’re two days away from month end, can we still expect gt4 during the cause of this week?

        • Hi, I don’t think so, first we will have to release an alpha, than a beta and than go our with a stable version. We haven’t released an official raod map. We will once we have at least an alpha to start testing. Shouldn’t take much longer though…

  50. Hi,

    I’m trying to set up a playground to check it out before buying it but each time I type in a domain name it says there is an error and I can only enter lower case letters (that is all I am entering). Do you have any ideas why this may be please?



    • Hi,

      you need to enter only letter and numbers. I guess you are tring to add an entire domain, something like “yoursite.com”. If that’s the case, you should only write “yoursite”. Playgrounds are geotheme.com subdomains.

      If you type yoursite, it will create yoursite.geotheme.com. It can’t create yoursite.com.geotheme.com

      Hope it’s clear.


  51. Hi
    I want to build a removalists directory for removals companies in Australia and was wondering if Google will charge me for using there maps on your site

  52. newbie here.. your theme looks great..

    would like to find out how do i create multi-language in geotheme?

    thank you.

  53. I am working on multiple global directories, for example, green energy suppliers, ice suppliers and so on. I was looking at multiple listing themes including Geo Places, Vantage, eDirectory and finally your theme.

    The problem with most of the themes is that they are good only for local directories – one or a few cities. I am looking for something, which would give me more global scale.

    My fields would be simple – company name, description, address, website, contact numbers and max 5 images.

    Also an end user should be able to search for example – bio diesel (one of the sample categories)supplier in USA, and so on.

    Would Geotheme be suitable for this?


    • Hi,
      simply login and click on the account button (top – right green button).
      In your account page you will find the download link and access to support forum.

  54. Hi,

    I am looking at using the Geotheme template to support a hotel loyalty program. Will I be able to integrate looking up of point balances and transaction statements into the site…I have the loyalty system API.


    • Hi,
      GT is 100% open source and can be modified to do anything. If you have API specs and you know how to play with php/mysql, I’m sure you can do that…

  55. hi dear team,

    We eagerly await the publication of GT V4. When will it be ready? We dream of a solution as a plugin … Thanks in advance.

  56. I am looking to purchase GT3. DO I have to buy GT4 when it comes out if I want to upgrade??

  57. I am highly interested in the Android App. As visitors to my current site outnumber iOS visitors 8 to 1, used to be other way around last year. Any plans for a release this year?

    Is there a list of changes confirmed for v4? Trying to decide whether I should buy and work on v3 or do other work and wait for v4. Just do not want to spend a month customizing v3 just to start again for v4.

    • Android app will not work for V3 and will be released after the summer. First we will release GT4.
      In this case I think you should wait…

  58. I bought v3 a few weeks ago and its great but after a little play around we’re waiting for v4 – don’t want to redo all my work if it is so completely different to v3. Hope it’s out soon

  59. Does GT3 or GT4 allow people to buy tickets to area events? Meaning does it allow event owners to post their events, and does it allow users to say they are attending and to purchase tickets?


  60. Hi! Does the new v4 will contain features such as clustering the markers? When do you approximately plan to release v4? thanks!

  61. Why your service automatically charge my Paypal account when i don’t want to renew any subscription?

    I have checked all your term and setting in your system there is no where to inform me the payment is automatically renew. Please give refund the money.

    • Geo Theme Framework + 2 Child Themes + 6 months of updates and access to support forum $85
      This plan will autorenew after 180 days at 47$ for extra 6 months, if not canceled before expiry date.

      You should read more carefully. Money has been refunded already. Paypal is taking care of it.


  62. Hey guys – is there any way (in the theme or as a plugin) to export the various locations, businesses and attractions as POI data for use in sat-nav? That would be very very cool indeed…

    • there is a bulk import/export tool built by a community members sold on Theme Tailors. Don’t know if that is what you are looking for, but that’s the only tool to export listings.

  63. Hi,I know you have been asked this many times already but do you have a target date for V4? I am waiting for that and also is there any forum plugins that you could suggest that would work with your theme? Thank you.

  64. not sure why my previous question appears to ave been deleted but I will try to phrase it differently in case it (somehow) offended??

    The question was whilst I understand there is no date for the release of V4.0 recent responses for estimates have been met with no date whatesoever whilst questions asking the same a few months ago were responded to with a more definitive in the very near future type responses.

    From this I am guessing the release has for whatever reason been delayed quite heavily and could still be some time off?

    Am I correct in assuming this? If so I will purchase now even though I wont be able to achieve what I am wanting too without some pretty heavy personalisation. Iwould prefer to buy V4 instead if it is only a matter of weeks (or even a month or so) away as the idea of using the theme as a plugin really suites my project ideas better.

    I gues the question is then – is V4 likely to be out before October or after then??


    • Hi, we are working on the last details that will allow us to have a beta plugin available.
      We have changed many thing along the way and we just finished changing one more thing to make the plugin as flexible as it can be. That’s mainly why we keep delaying and we still don’t have a release date in mind.
      As far as buying GT3 now, I think it is convenient also price wise. When the plugin will be released, its price will be much higher for new members, while active GT3 members will get it as an update without paying anything extra.

  65. Keep working !!! You are doing a really good job, i,d a really bad experience with templatic too. For that i will use your theme for all my customers, some new features will be good to see on the next versions of Geo Theme as:

    1. Services, Products or Projects of a user, let the user include services, projects or product will be a good feature, on the member profile or better on the place author page a gallery to show them it will be fantastic.

    2. Follow business activity, an option to subscribe to the latest activity of the places and get and email telling the followers ” This user upload new event or product”

    3. Something really cool it will be to get Geo Theme as social network, what i mean when someone register on the site it will be placed as “Places” so the users we will treated as Places, this feature will make Geo theme not only a theme for business places, it will be a really nice social network for business

    Anyway just keep working and congrats again

        • Hi,

          they will be more user friendly.

          GT3: yoursite.com/placecategory/restaurants/?multi_city=philadelphia
          GT4: yoursite.com/places/philadelphia/C/restaurants/
          GT4: yoursite.com/places/united_states/pennsylvania/philadelphia/C/restaurants/

          In permalinks settings you can change both prefix /places/ and /C/ to whatever you like… (must be there though)

  66. Any news on the V4 update? It’s been over a year since I bought this thinking there would be an update by now. A lot of people are wondering as well I’m sure.

  67. I am looking to purchase v3, but should I wait for v4. I don’t want to get everything up and running to find out I need to make changes for v4. Also, any idea of the new features of v4?

    • Hi,
      we will provide all conversion tools and try to make the switch to the new version as smooth as possibile. Up to you to take the risk or not…
      New version doesn’t add much in terms of features, we mainly focused on making it more efficient, faster and more user friendly.

  68. Just wanted to thank Tim for helping out today, I had serious problems with the installation and he came to the rescue. I can say that I am a huge geotheme fan and as long as the excellent customer service continues, then i will remain a happy client.

  69. Sorry if you have already answered this question some where. Does the theme allow users to post their restaurants or events etc?

      • Awesome…I have another question in regard to subscription. Can we schedule as to when the subscribers to be charged. I mean can I allow them to list for say 6 months while I am generating traffic to the site before they are charged or have the option to cancel? They might hesitate to pay up at first if the site do not bring a much traffic at the start.

        • No, currently there is no free trial option. What you can do is to offer both a free package and a premium package and try to convince them to upgrade to egt more visibility once traffic picks up.

          • Thanks. I am almost sold on the package.

            My last question. If I buy the package and buy the addons for my first site. If I want to create multiple sites using the theme, do I have to buy the addons for each site I set up?

          • I am having problems with my VPS hosting account. Can I host the theme on Hostgator shared plan? Perhaps when traffic picks up I can transfer to VPS later?

          • Hi,

            the installation srevice include only Theme and Dummy data. You can ask to Tim (who offers the install service on theme tailors) if he’s willing to install extra stuff for that price or provide you a quote for the extra work.



  70. Bought the theme in 2012, bought addons and built directory. Recently updated WordPress and Geotheme broke.

    I had to revert my site to an older version version of WordPress to make Geotheme work again? (oh dear, how many security vulnerabilities have I just unleashed?)

    Now I need to re-buy the theme to get support and the new version?

    I read Stiofan’s story about Geoplace and bug fixes etc. and thought how ironic … perhaps it’s time to rethink the support business model ?

    • Hi,
      the reason why GT broke after wordpress 3.7 update is because of new security measures added to wordpress itlsef, not to GT. GT had to be updated to work with it.
      Our Terms of service are clear. When buying the licence you get 6 months of free support and updates. After that you need to renew to keep getting them.
      I can exceptionally send you a paypal request and extend the 47$ for 6 months renewal fee, please email to support@geotheme.com if you wish to proceed.

      • Hi,

        After reading the forum I understand that GT4 to be released soon? I have a couple questions:
        1) Do we get new update of GT4 when it is released?
        2) I am planning to get a WP developer to modify my V3 theme, how would this impact on the the existing theme if we upgrade to GT4? Should I wait for the GT4 before I make modification?

  71. Hi, when an address is long for a listing, the address wraps awkwardly to the next line (sometimes sending the address to the next line in another spot). I can’t see how to edit this in your playground demo. I need to control how things like the addresses display (ie. have it appear as two lines, with city, state & zip on the second line). Many listings I have use long address (with suite #s and long city names).

    Also, when a listing comes up under the search, how do I edit what info appears there? For example, I need the contact phone number to appear with a listing in the search results, and ideally, more prominently than the street address.

  72. Hi

    Any news on when the new version will be available? We are holding on for a while rather than starting a new site with V3 – many thanks

    • We are about to release the beta of the new product (core plugin) the addons will follow day by day. There are 11 of them already.
      I wouldn’t wait though the new product, I’d start with GT3 which is a mature product. I’d wait to use wpgd for a live site at least until it is out of beta…
      It will take time before all possibile bugs will be reported and sorted….

  73. Am I able to add additional review criteria? For example, 3 different rating metrics, with one ‘summary’ metric.

    To illustreate my question further:

    If I’m interested in customer reviews, I can search / filter by this. If I’m interested in environmental consciousness, I can search / filter by this. All done through a rating…

  74. Hi,
    If I buy the theme on the Christmas Deal do I also get the new Directory plugin when it’s released ?


  75. I heard there is a version 4 coming all the users are waiting for this to happen any info on the release

  76. Hi

    Is there any chance of seeing a test site with the V4 beta, and a list of V4 features. We understand that its coming soon but do you have an intended release date? We are currently having major issues with your favourite competitor!


  77. Hey….I’ve been following the site for some time now and will be buying V4 when it comes out.

    I wanted to know if you can list (here or via e-mail to me) any sites that use both Geotheme and BuddyPress. I want to see what that combo looks/functions like.

    I’m new to wordpress but I know you can get the combo through ThemeTailors. I just want to see a few example sites from your other customers first, if possible.

    Thanks for any help/links you can send me.

    • HI,
      sorry other than our demo, I can’t provide any link about customer’s site using buddypress with gt. Not because I don’t want to, but because I don’t have any.
      They don’t always share…

  78. Hello!
    Thanks for your great theme!!
    I’m about to buy it, but, should i wait for V4? do you have a release date? or will it be easy to move from V3 to V4? Also, can you tell us quickly what will be the major new features? that would help a lot!!!

    Thanks again! GeoTheme is looking great, can’t wait to start playing with it!

    • Hi,
      the new product is not an update of the current theme, but a plugin and it is called GeoDirectory.
      Improvements and new features are countless. From Dynamic custom post types, to drag and drop form builders to submit listings. A new and improved country/region/city/neighbourhood structure, better permalinks, faster queries, better hooks and filters for developer to extend it and to build themes for it and a lot more.
      Current members are currently testing v 0.3_beta. Next version should be already stable enough for a production site as we alrady fixed 99% of bugs found in it.
      When a stable version will be ready we will also provide tools to convert GT database to be used with the new plugin.

  79. Hi

    If we buy V3 now will we have access to V4 Beta?

    Does V4 work with the Genesis Framework

    Do you have a feature list for V4 as its due soon

    When are you planning to release V4 or what is your beta testing timeframe for V0.3_ beta

    • Hi,
      what you call v4 we call GeoDIrectory plugin. Yes, current members are testing the beta.
      Yes it works with Genensis.
      We will release it once it is debugged. (it will not take much longer)

  80. Looking into this theme. How soon can we expect V4? You also say it is a plugin. Does that mean I can design a site right now using genesis, then use the plugin which will have all of the features geotheme currently has? Such as claim listing, add listing, paypal, etc?


  81. If I move forward with Geo Theme I need to have the ability to offer online stores to be in the directory -1. Will your new plugin address this? 2. Is it possible to create a country, state, city , and category as online and have all the addresses be the same (some where in the middle of the ocean). While this might not be ideal with your software – how would you address this if you had to choose a way to show online stores as well as brick/mortar?
    thanks –

  82. Hi,
    You wrote above “These were serious bug reports: anyone could add/edit/delete any post or page on the site even if wordpress user registration was disabled… “.

    I have noticed that Geothemes uses ‘anyone can register’ as author to allow theme to work. This is a security issue meaning that anyone can register and post spam posts as well.
    I have tried adding captcha to all forms but this doesnt stop the hundreds registering everyday and the spam posts with dodgy links. Has this issue been resolved?

    • Your assumption is wrong. It is not a security issue, It is how the theme works. It allowsuser to register and submit places and events. If you don’t want them to submit them, you simply disable registration or disable the add listing pages.

  83. Hi if we buy Geotheme today will we get access to GeoDirectory when its released or do we have to pay again – many thanks

    • Hi, GeoTheme active members will get a free 6 months membership the day it is released. After april 12, new GeoTheme members will not get access to GeoDirectory.

      • Hi

        Thanks – a few final questions:-

        1. Is there a feature list?

        2. Does the membership include any extensions needed to make the theme work e.g. payments, featured listings etc. Or what does it include if I sign up today in terms of GD

        3. Permalinks

        What is the standard permalink/URL structure for a listing in these cases. I must be able to include the location of my listing (city/state/country level depending on single city or multi city setup)


        London/Bars/Cocktail Bar



        There is not one single theme that supports location and listing category in the same url and this is critical for SEO

        2. URL/Permalinks for a category/location

        E.g. I want to see all bars in London – must be reachable via a static URL

        Eg Domain/London/Bars

        Please confirm the default URL/Permalink Structure

        Many Thanks – I hope finally your theme will be the one!

        • No, not yet, we are working on the website to display the feature list.
          Yes, it includes everything for 6 months.
          Permalinks include both location and category.

  84. Hi

    Just one more question – if we buy GT today, do we get access to GD today. We have a Genesis theme ready to go – thanks

    What is included with GD if we buy today, do we need anything else to make it work


    • Hi,

      if you buy GT today, you have access to download GD and all Addons which are ready to help us beta test them. I wouldn’t use what is available now in a live website.

      Thank you,


  85. Hi;

    If we buy today, what is included?

    Can a member that adds listings/events on our site, have the ability to add their social media icons that link to their own pages such as FB, G+, LinkedIn etc?

    Ability to upload multiple photos/video embedding etc?

    What are the hosting requirements? Anything special?

    Do we require SSL?


    • Hi,
      you get exactly what you see in our demo. (yes, everything you asked is included)
      It works with ssl too, but it’s not required.

  86. Hi;

    I was just checking the theme-tailors plugin for vouchers. I guess they claim it is a plugin for your theme.

    Is that correct?

    What sort of hosting is needed, anything special?


  87. Hi,

    now that you’ve launched GD, what will happen to geotheme?
    Will you keep developing it and supporte new features, new versions of WP and so on?

    Or will it slide tha great graveyward of great tehemes of the past?


    • Hi,

      as long as there are paying members using it, we will not let it die.

      We just invested on a new default design and we have a pretty long list of things we intend to do with it.

      GT future is still bright don’t worry,


  88. Hi,
    Can your theme work with 150000 cities and 246 countries installed?
    What is minimum hosting plan required for such data.
    I am currently using VPS server with 2.5GB RAM but it shows me below error when installing 150000 cities.

    Fatal error: Unknown: Cannot use output buffering in output buffering display handlers in Unknown

    It shows that theme does not handle cities beyond 50000. Correct me if I am wrong.

    • Hi,
      we have not tested with that many cities, but we will work with you to resolve any problems.
      Have you tried breaking down the CSV files to avoid getting time out or memory errors?
      For such a big database, I’d suggest a dedicated with minimum 4gb or ram though…
      Let us know,

  89. I would like someone to help me design the site based on your plugin. Who would you recommend? Do you get involved in customization?


  90. Hi,
    I wonder if is just me or is a common issue. If I install wocommerce Geo Theme button from dashboard is hidden. But if I disable the woocommerce is showing back.

    Any thoughts?


  91. Hey Paolo,

    Just letting you know that you guys do a great job with the theme. I set up your theme on 2 different sites and the results we have seen from it is really awesome! One of the sites sold here for 3,00,000 Rs or $6K USD and the other one got picked by a government funded incubator for funding.

    We couldn’t have achieved what we did without your hard work. Many thanks for it! Please let everyone on the team know!


  92. Hi,

    Thank you for providing this nice product.

    I was about to buy GeoTheme, but I’m not a programmer and some of the jargon used here is somewhat confusing to me. Now I understand there is GeoDirectory too. How can you explain the difference between GeoTheme and GeoDirectory for someone who’s not that bright in this area? Do both of them have basically the same map with search functions and listings?

    Also, do I have to create listings in my city or would the data of listings be pulled from Google Maps or similar websites? That is, if I installed one of them and someone searched for the grocery store nearby will they see it, or do I have to manually add the places nearby?

    Thank you,

    • Hi,

      the main difference between GeoTheme and GeoDirectory is that the 1st is a theme product packed with all options. The 1nd is a modular plugin with various addons that allows to add a directory with some or all features in virtually any theme.

      Both product provides the tool to create the database, the places are not scraped by any service. Only address and latitude and longitude coordinates are fetched via Google Maps API.


  93. hello,

    I need some info:

    Can we change the submission fields?

    Are the events with finite date are automatically deleted?

    Is that visitors can contact advertisers with a contact form without the email address to be visible?

    kind regards

  94. I’m so glad to have mustered up the enthusiasm to do one more Business Directory Theme search before completely throwing in the towel! This last search has led me to your site and discover your theme.

    I had one of the most horrific experiences ever in dealing with Templatic and their directory theme and support. It seemed like I was their guinea pig pointing out one problem after another that resulted in me not being able to launch any of my business directories with their theme in fear that the site would crash and/or not do what it was supposed to.

    It amazes me how they can stay in business this long by robbing people and lying to them about their theme being stable and ready to use. Over the 6 month time-frame I spent going back and forth with them and the more 100 hours I put in to building my business directory with their theme was a complete waste of my time! I did end up getting a full refund for my purchase but my time is not refundable! I had to file a complaint on RippOffReport.com and then go to their Facebook page and start posting what I was experiencing until the realized I was not going away until they refunded my money back!

    Anyway, stumbling across your site and learning about your Directory theme has given me another glimmer of hope that I may actually be able to get my business directories launched on a stable wordpress directory theme. Albeit, it’s now going on close to one year that this project has been ongoing.

    So a word to the wise….DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH TEMPLATIC.COM! They will take your money, lye to you, waste your time and ultimately make you frustrated for ever dealing with them!

    So here goes round number 2 and year number 2 with trying to get this business directory launched!

    • Sorry for my easy english!
      Also, I spent a lot of time on my page structure. One day I log in and saw that the proposed upgrade of the system, which was implemented just a few clicks. When finished, I visited the website user interface and sadly found that I completely fell apart. Of course, the recovery did not get any help and I need to shop again from the templatic.com. I decided to become detached from them.

  95. Hi – I’m ready to buy this theme but don’t understand the subscription part. Do I get charged $50 every 6 mos?

    • Not necessarely, you can decide to stop paying the subscription any time and the theme will keep working. The subscription is to receive updates and support.

  96. Which theme would you recommend for somebody just starting out in the directory market. Who is also new to word press and is interested in the do it yourself while you are learning method.

    Thank you

  97. Hello,
    I’m not an expert in the field but for what I can see, your theme is pretty good for my needs…

    I would like to create a worlwide directory for a specific industry and integrate with a forum.
    Ideally, on a second stage I’d like to put all inside a social network.

    Can I do this with geotheme + bbpress and later add budypress?
    The users that will be registered in geotheme will be the same users as budypress users?

  98. No doubt there is provision for it, but can you please let me know where a new user is given a field to place their email address, as I see that visitors are given a link to (“contact this advertiser””) or similar.


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