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Efficiently monetize your traffic with Geo Theme. Community built site have always resulted to be the most successfull internet business.

More content equal more traffic… more traffic equal higher ads revenues and more chances to find alternative way of making money from your pages.

With GeoTheme you can offer as many packages as you want and find the best way to sell premium business listings.

GeoTheme allows you to get payed throught all major gateways such as : Paypal, Google Checkout,, Worldpay, 2CO (2Checkout).

You can also accept Pre Bank Transfer and Pay Cash On Delivery.

GeoTheme is the perfect WordPress Business Directory Script with Geolocation capabilities!

144 thoughts on “A Money Making Theme

  1. Hello, I’m looking to use your theme for a new series of directories. There are a lot of websites as well as physical stores I’d like to include. Location isn’t a required field is it? Will they still be categorized like the other listings just without a spot on the map?
    Also, is there any adsense integration?



  2. I am also interested in a Geo Theme without the Geo. More like a directory but without the map. Any plans for something like that?



  3. Hello,
    I like what I see so far with this. Great work. Quick question: is there a bulk import feature. I’d like to be able to quickly import many business listings.

    • Hi Rob, thanks for your interest!
      Gald to confirm that a bulk upload system is available.

  4. Do you have a demo or trial we can sign into to play with it. Also Im really confused about the add ons? Also do you currently have or will have in the near future like iphone apps?

    • Hi,
      you can see a demo here :
      If you register, you can open your own playground to test all admin features and yes we will soon have iOs App.
      Should be very very soon.


  5. Hi, Would you consider adding sagepay to that list of payment gateways? They accept all the major cards AND paypal included. Would make it tons easier for us who use Sage for our accounts to integrate payments in to our software.

    • We consider adding anything, only if requested by the majority of the users.
      Else you can request a group addon on themetailors and see if anyone is also interested.



  6. I notice there is only one year of updates included with the purchase. Is there an option for lifetime updates? Things can change a lot in 2 or 3 years.

  7. Would you consider adding openstreetmaps?

    When you say its open source, is it under gpl, apache, etc?

    Are you looking to add a local deal feature?

    • If it will be ever needed we would consider adding openstreetmaps, but now looks like it’s not needed.
      It is 100% open source gpl.
      We are not looking to add local deal feature, but the developers within the community are discussing that.

  8. So I’m excited about your site, something I’ve been wanting to add to my existing content based site for years. Is it easy for dummies like me to use?

    Here is what I want, does your site do this –

    – members sign up for free, can post reviews and pictures (videos?)

    – any general user can also see the reviews without signing in, also each business has its own page that can be possibly found via organic search engines

    – adsense available to click to both of these types of visitors

    Thanks so much, I’m re-imagining my old stale website now.

  9. if i want to add products, movies review, is it possible? for product and movie, cannot add address, it will be for worldwide. for buddypress plugin, can i just install plugin or do i need to buy addon?

    • Not without modifying the main theme. GeoTheme is made for phisical places. Although some f our members modified the theme to list website, which would be more or less the same thing you want to do.
      We do not provide customization services, but they do… Once a member you can ask them how they did it.

  10. what is the url look like? can the business have url with their business name, like or or its that something that i can modify?

  11. Can the businesses listed in the directory set up their own individual PayPal so they can be paid directly from the directory?

      • For the making money theme, can a shopping cart and a affiliate program be added in with word press plugins? If yes, which plugins will work or do you recommend? I need everything you offer, but also need to sell my clients products and services on the website (not just feature them), plus add and an affiliate program for paid advertisers referrals. Also need video and audio. Is all of this possible?

        • Hi, the theme is compatible with most plugins, so audio video and ecommerce shouldn’t be a problem, but there is no affiliate module for listings referral. You woud have to customize one to make it work.

        • Rachelle, were you able to make this happen?
          If not, what solution did you go with??

          (Rachelle, you asked this) “For the making money theme, can a shopping cart and a affiliate program be added in with word press plugins? If yes, which plugins will work or do you recommend? I need everything you offer, but also need to sell my clients products and services on the website (not just feature them), plus add and an affiliate program for paid advertisers referrals. Also need video and audio. Is all of this possible?”

          • Hi,
            GeoTheme doesn’t offer the extra options you require. You would have to customize it and extend it according to your needs. We don’t offer customization services.
            Thank you

        • Why don’t the “Featured Listings” get pushed to the top of the page?
          Being “featured” is pointless if they fall in line with all the rest.
          Here’s what I did…
          I put my zip code in the search bar on top of this website BestMainVacations. It shows me all listings in order of the closest one to me. Of course they are all 1700+ miles away, but the “featured” listings should show first, then it should start showing the remaining listings in order of distance.
          What happened?
          Here’s the link to show you

          • Featured listing appear on top when browsing a category, not on proximity search results. Otherwise results would not be order as the user required them.

  12. Is the theme compatible with UK location settings? Does it accept UK 6/7 digit post codes, or only 5 digit zip codes? Can I change wording like “State” to “County”? I’ve encountered these problems before with other location based services, and they’ve ended up unusable to UK users.

  13. Hi, I like what I see so far.

    Can the theme cater for Custom Offline Payment Method (I don’t use Paypal here).

    So when a subscriber paid for his listing – they will transfer by bank account transfer. Essentially, the subscriber will separately transfer to my bank account AND inform me that they have made payment – only then the subscription is fully paid.

  14. Hi there

    Can you put adds just related to the current city or the adds are just for all the cities. I mean if anybody puts and add about an event in Manchester,would that be seen if I am checking event s in London or just by user who choose Mancherster?


  15. Hi,

    Can I create my own custom post type to use with the theme? And how well does it integrate with Buddypress? I’m looking at bringing in social and community features.

  16. I will be buying the theme on the 6th of next month but have a quick question. Where would I add affiliate merchant tracking codes? ie: after purchaces what is the default ” thank you ” landing page and how much can I edit said page. Thanks

    • Hi,

      thanks for your interest. That can be easily changed in language.php file. A file in the theme that allows to change /translate various text troughout the theme…

      • Thanks – What is the default thank you landing page? After someone signs up for say a featured listing for 1 month what page do they get after paypal payment? Or do I have to set up a landing page with timed redirection, maybe a sub folder or sub domain?

        Another question I have is about the RSS feed. Will the feed include all new listings or just blog posts? (seo)

        Sorry for the questions but I need to know what other useful plugins to get before buying your theme.


  17. Hi, Do u have another language version ?
    If not what would be the best way to translate the whole theme ?

  18. at the listing detail page, can i add more custom fields, i’m making restaurant review website, so i want to add information like alcohol serve or not, wheel chair accessible or not, how many seats in the restaurant. i try the play ground site and after i put the custom fields, i dont know where it show.

  19. Hi,

    I plan to buy your theme, but i have a question before : i need to create custom field and make them required. It is possible to make a custom field required?

    Thanks !

  20. A few questions:

    1. my directory site is going to be hyperlocal – can I set the map on the front to open up on a certain area with a 10 mile radius?

    2. Can I add a square logo at the top of the site?

    3. Can I change the colours?

    4. I don’t want reviews on the site – can this be set as a default (no comments) and the review widget removed?

  21. Another question! Can I use it on more than one site, or do I have to buy a copy for every directory site I own?

    • The theme you can use for unlimited sites. For the app you can use it for unlimited personal sites (commercial or not, must be yours). If you intend to resell the app, you need to buy an extra licence for each install.

  22. Hi,
    I tried your demo and I noticed, that there is an “access denied” when I click on “upgrade”, “edit” or “delete” at listings that I added before. Is it supposed to be like that? I’d like my customers to be forwarded on a payment page after clicking on “upgrade” etc…

  23. Awesome! But I’d need to also add a real couponing business system by automatically contacting self-added businesses.

    So, is it also possible to use some GROUP COUPONS plugin where you can easily activate a Groupon style business model ?

    Thanks for your important reply!

    • Hi, GeoTheme doesn’t feature a Group coupons system. Probably you could integrate one, but customization isn’t something we offer support for.

  24. Is there a way that i can have one single search that covers places-eg place name/town

    I would have a directory for places only and geo is not that important-

  25. Hello, I am interested in buying geotheme, but I need it to translated to the Ukrainian language. I think I ca do it by myself, BUT if I want to upgrade it to the 4-th version will the translation remain or no. If no, what can do, not to translate it once more. And maybe you have got some translation language files?

  26. I have read most of the questions but still have not noticed what I am asking.

    Can the individual business listing be categorized or resulted from a search by a purchase level. I.E. Premium first, then featured, then Standard?

    Can this be an option by the business owner when adding their business to the directory? To choose which level they want to purchase?

    • No, search will return the closer possibile result to user search criteria.

      Only category pages can be ordered by featured/ regular listings. But only 2 levels are available (featured / non featured), no matter how many price packages you have.


  27. Hello,

    Before buying the Geotheme, I’m wondering if it’s possible to run it in a multi-language environment; having a multi-language website (French, English and German.

    Thanks in advance

  28. Can I make this theme a nation wide search business directory?

    Can I create search options to my client? (e.g. the client is looking for service provider next to his zip code)

  29. I would like to set up an online community directory with extensive business listings. However, I would like there to be a blog section where I would spotlight business owners and community members. I want this blog portion to be displayed on the homepage, rather than under a seperate category. Is this possible? Also can a local picture be pasted into the homepage background? Thanks

    • Hi,

      yes, there are tons of plugins that will allow you to display your blog post on the home page.

      To change background and use an image instead, you will need to tweak the theme css. It’s really an easy mod that many members on the forum would be able to help you with…


  30. Hello from Florida! OK, Here’s the deal. I have been looking around for a directory/classifieds (map – optional) script/theme for months. I’ve seen everything from to
    RapidClassified, to, … etc! After discovering you guys today, what really counts with me is: 1). You are not limited to one website 2). All of the features/functions are clearly laid-out in your Videos at: . This Guy doing the TUTS/Videos is really worthwhile . 3). His Video TUTS are to the point, and clearly you can see, he knows his products 4). Who can top all the Video-TUTS? 4). Many of these other themes/scripts are OK, but are fluffy looking, compared to the strong looking design-work of GT. I really thought it was ASP at first. Thanks for sharing. F.D. …
    PS. I also discovered all the built-in payment methods, (7?) … To make my point in just a few words, I would have to say: “You give us the extra helping,” (literally).

  31. Can payment plans restrict custom fields?

    For example.. A free plan allows basic info, but a paid plan allows more fields to be filled out if the listing owner upgrades?

  32. can this theme handle multiple locations such as a restaurant with several locations, without having to list each one separately? Can they be combined into an individual listing….with a See all Locations option? Thanks

  33. hi, first of all congratulations for the job … a question: I would like to change the home page …. to put a background image as “Best Maine Vacation” …. this is facolmente editable? thank you, Angelo

    • Thank you for your comment… Best main vacation is a client site. I don’t think you can buy his graphics.
      Adding an image background is nothing complicated. There are plugins that allow to do so and in the support forum you can find all the assistance needed to make your theme very similar to Best Maine Vacation.

  34. Is this responsive theme? I tried to see – but I got an error.
    Please clarify.

  35. Can the map/search functions be limited to an area outside the US. Like Haiti for example. And can I have the map only give choice list “Pizza Shops, Hamburger Joints, Pet Stores” for example?

  36. Wondering if you have plans for a business directory, where businesses can add classifieds?


    Dog breeder can add puppies for sale. etc

  37. Is it a Lifetime usage license?
    So if i buy ($85 Theme Only – No subscription) it will be a lifetime usage licence but without support and updates after the 6th month?

  38. Hi,

    I am looking to use your theme in building yelp like reviews website.
    I need reviews on 3-4 parameters like Professionalism, Service Quality, Budget etc. I see you have only overall rating available. Can my functionality be accomodated ?

  39. I have attempted to ask the question about facilitating online stores along with brick and mortar and it seems as though the posts are not being put up. Also what changes the dGeo Diretory plugin will offer. Is this not acceptable? or is it possible to reply directly if you do not want the post on your site?

  40. I really like the theme and fits in with my initial ideas. I would like to do something similar like TripAdvisor where I can show comparison prices and allow people to book via hotel affiliates.

    Is this possible with your theme?

    • To show comparison prices you’d need an external service too. The theme will not provide that feature.
      Booking via affiliate, is just a matter of adding the affiliate widget. Very easy to accomplish.

  41. Does Geo theme give one the opportunity to create packages? For example- List your business and get 10 free events.Is there a way of doing this?
    I noticed in the playground in the prices when setting up pricing you cannot set events to a set amount of entries in each pricing selection. Is there a way of doing this?
    Also the coupons are very basic, why have they not the opportunity to set validity or number of uses per coupon?

    • Hi,

      it does allow to create packages, but not like the example provided. Each payment is per listing and packages allow to enable/disable listing features only.
      The coupon options are basic, because up to now nobody ever asked for more. We normally add new features when a good number of members request them.
      The code is 100% open source so we the right programming knowledge anyone can add new features or improve currentone.


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