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Listing claims

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phonegap android app

The GeoTheme Phonegap white label framework for iOS and Android

allows you to create an App for any of your GeoTheme sites* and pubblish it in both Google Play and Apple Store in just a few minutes. However, due to Google and Apple standards on Apps development, there are few steps you will have to follow, before seeing  your app fully working on your iPhone.

Things you will need For Android :
  • GeoTheme version 3.5.1 or later
  • GeoTheme PhoneGap App Framework for Android
  • Java Runtime Environment and Java Development Kit*
  • Android SDK, Eclipse and the Android Developer Tools*
  • Google Play Store account
  • Image editor (eg: Photoshop)

*Important! Use only versions mentioned in the tutorial.

Things you will need For iOS :
  • GeoTheme version 3.5.1 or later
  • GeoTheme PhoneGap App Framework for iOS
  • Intel Mac with Xcode 4 installed, Xcode 4 is a free software (Download )
  • Apple iOS developer account (99$ Year)
  • Image editor (eg: Photoshop)

In the following link, you can find the complete tutorial of all the steps you will have to compete in order to get your Android App into the Google Play store.

Android App Tutorial

*Only for licence holder sites. App cannot be resold to any 3rd party.


  • No Multisite compatible
  • No WPML compatible
  • Only city and Everywhere location available, no country, region and city areas  [Autolocation is of course available]

If you have any doubt, ask here!

gt plus pg

GT + PhoneGap Framework Subscription

  • $200
  • Includes Theme + iOs and Android app
  • 6 months support & updates
  • Theme GPL Licence / App mix GPL
  • Unlimited domains*
  • This plan will auto-renew
  • Buy Now
Go Mobile!
Create fully featured Directory Apps for Android and iOS!Limited time promotion : $200 includes Theme & PhoneGap App + 6 months of updates and support

Did you know that we also developed a Directory Plugin for wordpress that works with any theme? If you didn't, please have a look at GeoDirectory!